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Jeanne pic Jeanne Wilson, Ed.D
DEAN of Special Programs

In January, 2010, Dr. Jeanne Wilson was assigned as the new Coordinator/Counselor of the EOPS/CARE Programs at Chabot College. She served as the Coordinator of the ASPIRE (TRIO) Program for one year. Prior to that assignment, she was the Coordinator of the Daraja Program from 2001-2005. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from The American College for Applied Arts, a Master of Science Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from Cal State East Bay, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Mills College. Dr. Wilson's research interests include Retention Strategies & Mentoring for African American Males in Higher Education. As a direct result of her research she founded the Mentors Among Us Program, a mentoring model in partnership with the Striving Black Brothers Coalition that connects students with on campus mentors to see how these new "relationships" affect retention, grade point average, graduation and transfer rates of African American males. In 2009, she was honored with the prestigious Chancellors Award for her "Retention Efforts with African American Males". Born and raised in Oakland, California in a single parent household, Dr. Wilson believes in equity and access in education and is dedicated to ensuring that students achieve academic success during their educational endeavors at Chabot College. She has a deep respect for the critical role of community colleges and Special Programs like: EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, TRIO and DSPS and embraces being a part of a team that directly impacts each student by supporting their intellectual curiosity and personal development. Dr. Wilson's ability to ask critical questions, listen carefully, offer constructive feedback and remain flexible has earned her the title of "The Diplomat" with faculty and staff across the campus. With a passion and heart for people her philosophy has always been to "Change the world one student at a time!"

Michael Booker, M.S. Counselor Assistant II
Michael D Booker has worked at Chabot College for 20 years. During that time he has learned to appreciate what he calls "seeing the flock move on". Seeing the students he has worked with that achieved their academic and personal goals in life has given him fulfillment. Before his position at Chabot, Michael worked with Alameda County Probation Department as a probation officer, Director of San Francisco Gang Prevention Western Addition Area, and director of an at-risk youth center in the Haight Ashbury. Married to Lisa for 21 years who works for CSUEB and has two sons Michael J. and Christopher both accomplished classically trained musicians. Michael holds a MS in Education from CSU Hayward. He also attended City College of San Francisco, Howard University and CSU San Francisco where he earned a BA in Psychology. Growing up in the Haight Ashbury during the hippie movement served to mold his mellow attitude and sense of humor.  And for the past 25 years he has been doing stand-up comedy and running a comedy club in San Leandro. All this has helped Michael to be a well rounded person in dealing with EOPS students special needs and going above and beyond in being sensitive about their situations.

sylvia ramirez 

Sylvia Ramirez
Sylvia's career at Chabot College began in 1982 immediately after she and her twin brother graduated from Tennyson High School a year early.  She came to Chabot on a scholarship that Mr. Felix Galaviz awarded her. Upon her second quarter, she sought Mr. Galaviz for employment.  He was in need of a student assistant and hired her after a brief interview. She began working as a student assistant for the offices of the Assistant Dean of students, Felix Galaviz and Dean of Students, Dr. Ruth Self working evenings and on Saturdays. A couple of years later, Sylvia was hired on-call as a College Clerk I, II & III and worked with several departments on campus. Finally, a permanent position opened up in the EOPS Office where she has been working since. Today, she assists students in both EOPS and the CARE program and enjoys working with students very much. She says that the people she has met at Chabot are her second family as many have "been there" and helped her with advice in raising the three adopted sons.

Art Barboza,

  Art was raised in Stockton, California. He graduated from   Edison High School and attended Delta Community College  before transferring to San Jose State University. While at San Jose State University, Art majored in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Corrections and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in 1990. In 1991, Art joined the Chabot College family in the capacity of Outreach Specialist for the EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) Office.  Through this program and from Art's passion in advocating for students, he founded and has been the advisor for the Striving Black Brothers Coalition (SBBC) of Chabot College during its six years of existence. This award winning program was established to assist African American males attending Chabot College to excel academically, socially, culturally and professionally in college and in the community. While Art is dedicated to fostering success for these students, both in and out of the classroom, and meeting their needs as well as those of the Hayward community, he also provides an environment for these African American males to share real  life experiences that may hinder their educational success through SBBC. Art's deep rooted commitment to excellence earned him a Chancellor's Award in 2009. His dedication and passion for serving is demonstrated by the many success stories that have come about through the Striving Black Brothers Coalition of Chabot College. Although Art's  dedication and commitment to SBBC is very evident in the success of these students and the program;  there is another side of Art...and that is the side that enjoys reading, sports, spending time with his family and of course the GOOD Mexican food as prepared by his mother.


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