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Game Results - Men



10/12/12:  Men Soccer traveled to Las Positas College and tied 2-2. Iyad Silmi and Ismael Medina tallied each a goal.

10/9/12:  Men Soccer hosted CCSF in a tough match and lost 0-4.

10/5/2012:  Men Soccer hosted Foothill College. It was a game filled with skill and physical play. In the end, Chabot did not capitalized on the opportunities on the field to lose 0-2.

10/2/12:  Men Soccer visited Gavilan College for a conference game and won in a lopsided score of 4-1. Iyad Silmi scored a goal and an assist. Ismael Medina, Alexander Trujillo, Anthony Monica each scored a goal. Alexis Lizama and Alejandro Oviedo had an assist.

9/7/12:  Men soccer also hosted Feather River College in a close game. The Gladiators found themselves trailing 1-0 in the first half. Chabot tried and tried, but could not put the ball in the net to tie the game up. The end result was a 0-1 loss.

8/31/2012:  Men Soccer hosted SJ Delta College for their home opener. The game was intense and very physical as both teams try to find each others weaknesses. After a 0-0 first half, Delta managed to find a way to penetrate the Chabot defense and they worked the left defense scoring 2 goals in the second half. Chabot men soccer loses their home opener 2-0 against Delta


11/11/11:  Men soccer ended the season against sister school Las Positas for a chance of bragging rights and ending the season on a good note. The Gladiators showed the Hawks that Chabot is the dominate school in this district by winning 3-2. Top performers were Manuel Hernandez, Alan Michel, and Christian Rojo each had a goal. Victor Cuevas and Francisco Valencia each added an assist.

11/8/2011:  Men soccer visited CCSF in a very tough conference game. The Gladiators fought hard, but were outmatched by a tough Ram defense and scoring offense as Chabot loses 7-0.

10/28/2011:  Men Soccer traveled to Hartnell College who is ranked #1 in the North. The Gladiators come into the game knowing what is at stake, but were outmatched by the #1 in the north team losing 6-0.

10/25/2011:  Men Soccer hosted Monterey Peninsula College for a divisional game and a chance to climb the standings. The game was back and forth as both teams tried to find each others weakness, but only managed to score 1 goal a piece at half. Second half was a deadlock for the majority of the half, but the Gladiator offense woke up and exposed MPC weakness and tallied 4 goals to win the game 5-1. Top performers were Jose Luis Perez scoring 2 goals. Alfredo Navarro scored 1 goal and an assist. Both Erich Thiemann and Victor Benavides had 1 goal. Jose Coria and Roberto Padilla had an assist.

10/18/2011:  Men Soccer hosted Canada college for a divisional game. The game was full of aggressive and rough play as both teams went back and forth. The Gladiators were winning the game 2-1, but the Colts were fighting back to tie the game. Chabot defense shut them down and the offense kicked it up a gear scoring 2 more goal to take the win 4-1. Top performers were Christian Rojo scoring 2 goals. Alan Michel and Carlos Gonzalez each scored a goal. Alfredo Navarro and Jose Coria each had an assist.

10/14/2011:  Men soccer hosted Skyline College for a conference match. After a disapointing loss against West Valley, the Gladiators were determined and hungry for a win. The Gladiators cruised by Skyline with a score of 4-1. Top performers were Alfredo Navarro scoring 2 goals and 1 assist. Jose Coria scored a goal and an assist. Pedro Beleche had 1 goal. Alan Michel tallied an assist. Goal keeper Alejandro Gonzalez had 1 goal against and 6 saves. Men are currently 17th in the north.

10/11/2011:  Men soccer hosted West Valley College. It was a back and forth battle between each team. Many opportnuities missed by both teams, but West Valley found a small window and score the only goal of the game giving them the win 1-0.

10/7/2011:  Men soccer traveled to Evergreen College and lost with a score of 0-2. Top performers were Goal keepers Ricardo Bustos only allowed 1 goal and 7 saves. Alejandro Gonzalez only allowed 1 goal against and 6 saves.

10/4/2011:  Men Soccer traveled to Santa Clara to play Mission College for a divisional game. First meeting Chabot trampled Mission 8-1 and plans on doing the same, but Mission battled a little more this time around. The Gladiator offense was to much for the Saints as they cruise to a 4-1 victory. Top performers were Jose Coria scored 2 goals. Christian Rojo and Adrian Uribe both had 1 goal a piece. Alan Michel and Daniel Nunez each had an assist.

9/30/2011:  Men Soccer traveled to Cabrillo College for a night game and a chance to give Cabrillo their first loss in conference. The Gladiators were up for the challenge and managed to do so with a score of 4-3. Top performers were Jose Coria scored 2 goals and 1 assist. Alfredo Navarro and Christian Rojo each tallied a goal. Victor Benavidez had an assist.

9/27/2011:  Men soccer hosted De Anza College. It was a back and forth battle between the two teams, but Chabot took the lead and never looked back as they win 4-2. Top performers were Jose Coria with 2 goals and 1 assist. Jose Luis Perez tallies a pair of goals. Salvador Borrayo, Alfredo Navarro, and Roberto Padilla each had an assist.

9/13/2011:  Men soccer hosted Merritt College for a non conference game. Last year they met and Merritt dominated the game, but Chabot was determined not to have the same result. The Gladiators fought hard and fierce to take the win 4-2 over Merirtt. Top performers were Danilo Romero scoring a goal and an assist. Jose Coria, Victor Cuevas, and Alan Michel each had one goal. Alfredo Navarro and Jose Luis Perez both had one assist.

9/9/2011:  Men soccer hosted Feather River College for a non conference game. Chabot played good, but Feather River managed to find the back of the net twice to give them the win 2-0. Top performer was Goal keeper Ricardo Bustos with 9 saves.

9/7/2011:  Men Soccer hosted Mission College for a non conference game. Chabot played well and trampled the Saints 8-1. Top performers were Carlos Gonzalez with 3 goals scored. Victor Cuevas and Francisco Valencia both had 2 goals each. Alfredo Navarro had 1 goal and 1 assist. Danilo Romero had 2 assists.

9/5/2011:  Men Soccer hosted Shasta College for a non conference game. It was a battle as both team went back and forth. Chabot took the lead early, but Shasta turned around to tie the game and eventually take the lead before the half. Second half was a dog fight as Shasta tried to hang on the lead, but the Gladiators offense found the back of the net once more to tie the game in the last seconds of the game to make it a 2-2 tie. Top performers were Alfredo Navarro scoring 2 goals with an assist from Victor Cuevas. Goal keeper Alejandro Gonzalez had 8 saves.

9/2/2011: Men soccer hosted Marin College for another non conference game. This game was intense as both teams were playing aggressive and skillful. Chabot manages to come out on top with a score of 2-0. Top performers were Jose Luis Perez and Adrain Uribe both score a goal each.

8/30/2011:  Men Soccer opened the season against Contra Costa College for a Non Conference game. It was a see-saw battle in the first half as Chabot took the lead 1-0. Contra Costa managed to tie the game and also take the lead 2-1 at half. The Chabot Gladiators picked up the intensity as the tally 3 goals before Contra Costa added another, but fell short. Chabot opens season with a win of a score 4-3. Top performers were Jose Coria scoring a goal and an assist. Jesus Leon, Alfredo Navarro, and Jose Luis Perez each scored a goal.

Game Results 2010

11/12/2010:  Men Soccer hosted Mission college for their last game of the season and a chance to finish off the season strong. The game was tight and very physical. Both teams were determined to beat each other up, but in the end the Gladiators prevailed 2-1. Raoul Noumbissi scored both goals and Erick Chavez assisted one.

11/9/2010:  Men Soccer traveled to sister college Las Positas in a interdistrict rivalry game. Both teams were fired up for this game as it would give bragging rights for their school. LPC managed to strike first as #17 scores in the 16th minutes to give the Hawks the lead early, but 4 minutes later Raoul Noumbissi ties it up with the assistance of Juan Chavez. At Halftime the scored remained 1-1, up until the 51st minute of the game the Gladiators strike again with Nick Benz unassisted goal to give Chabot the lead. After that goal Chabot's offense was supercharged and LPC's defense was made into swiss cheese as the Gladiators score 3 goals in the hands of Raoul Noumbissi. Eric Chavez and Anthony Monica each had an assist for the game. In the end, the Gladiators trampled the Hawks 5-1.

10/29/2010:  Men Soccer hosted Ohlone in an anticipated rival game. Chabot came out firing scoring 2 goals in the first half, but Ohlone managed to crawl back to score two goals in the second half to tie the game at 2-2.

10/26/2010:  Men soccer traveled to Skyline college for a conference match. Both teams fought hard , but in the end the host team Skyline came out on top winning 1-0.

10/15/2010:  Men Soccer hosted Foothill College for a cross over conference game. The Gladiators fought hard, but were unable to match up with Foothill college as they lose 5-1.

10/12/2010:  Men Soccer traveled to Canada College for a divisional game and hopes of winning. After a hard fought half, Chabot found themselves down 2 goals to none. Second half, the Gladiators showed some fire and found the back of the net to make it a 2-1 game. However, after a Chabot player received a red card. That was when team morale dropped and Canada took advantage adding 3 more goals to their tally, beating Chabot 5-1.

10/1/2010:  Men Soccer hosted CCSF for an anticipated game, due to player for both teams have history with one another. The Gladiators fought hard, but the Rams were too much putting up 3 goals.

9/28/2010:   Men Soccer traveled to West Valley college and took a hard loss as they give up 3 goals to lose 3-0.


Game Results 2009

  Men soccer overall record 5-14-2 Conference record 3-11-0

Men Soccer hosted Monterey Peninsula College for their final game of the season. Chabot was determined to finish the season off on a good note after having an inconsistent season. The men played well fighting for every ball and showing pride on the field that Chabot Soccer can still be a good program. The Gladiators succeeded on their objective that day beating MPC 5-3. Dupree Gant and Rauol Noumbissi both scored 2 goals and Miguel Martinez added another.


Men Soccer traveled to American River College (ARC) for a non conference game. The gladiators fought hard the first half keeping the score 0-0. The second half results showed a different story as ARC offense awoke scoring 5 goals to win the game. Chabot 0 ARC 5


 Men Soccer hosted Skyline College in a cold and rainy game. The Gladiators played well, but Skyline jumped ahead scoring 2 goals before Chabot scored their only goal. Chabot loses 2-1 over Skyline.


Men Soccer traveled to rival Ohlone College in hopes of coming out with a win. The Renegades showed no mercy to the Gladiators as they demolished the defense scoring 9 goals and giving up only one. Chabot loses 9-1 over Ohlone.


Men Soccer hosted Las Positas in an arch rival game. Every year this game is important since we are sister schools and gives bragging rights for the coaches, players, and the college. Chabot offense showed intensity and determination to come out with the win. At half it was a stand still with 0-0. Second half was a different story where Chabot came out firing all its pistons and quickly scoring 2 goals to go ahead 2-0, but Las Positas fires back within 15 minutes and scores two of their own. The game after kept going back and forth until Raoul Noumbissi receives a garbage ball and bicycles it into Las Positas goal to give Chabot the go ahead and the victory 3-2. Nick Benz had 1 goal. Dupree Gant and Raoul Noumbissi both had 1 goal and 1 assist.


Men Soccer Traveled to Mission College with an attempt to break their losing streak. The Gladiators showed no mercy against the Saints as Chabot cruised with the win scoring 7 goals and allowing only 1 goal. Dupree Gant, Raoul Noumbissi, and Andres Ponce all scored 2 goals and 1 assist. Edwin Lozano also tallied a goal.


Men Soccer traveled to Cabrillo college for a conference game. The Gladiators started the game flat and Cabrillo took advantage scoring within the first 5 minutes of the game. Chabot started to find a groove until the Seahawks added another goal. Chabot battled hard, but Cabrillo was too much for the Gladiators scoring 6 goals to one. Jun Nishioka was the lone scorer for Chabot.


 Men Soccer hosted West Valley College for conference game. Chabot played hard, but WVC was too much for the Gladiators. The Gladiators were shutout 5 goals to none.


Men Soccer visited City College of San Francisco in a tough match. Chabot came out determined to not get blown out like a couple previous game and managed to do so. Gladiators lost 1-2 against the Rams.


The men soccer team started off the week hosting De Anza College. The men played well as both team battled each other in a back and forth game filled with counter attacks and good defensive playing. In a lucky play De Anza scored the winning goal in about the 70th minutes off a free kick. Chabot loses to De Anza 2-1.


Men soccer traveled to Hartnell for another conference match. The Gladiator offense has struggled again and could not find the net giving most of the pressure on the defense. The Panthers offense was too much for Chabot's defense as Hartnell scores 7 goals and shuts out the Gladiators for their second loss in a row with the same result.


 Men soccer hosted Canada in conference game. The Gladiators are coming off a loss and hopes of getting back on the winning track. The Colts came out full steam and did not look back as they stampeded through the Gladiators defense scoring 7 goals. Chabot offense was shutout in the game with an end result of 0-7 loss.


Men Soccer visited Foothill College in conference game. The Gladiators were caught sleep walking losing 4-0.


 Men Soccer hosted Merritt College for a non conference game. The Gladiators found themselves in a deep hole losing 2-0 at half. Second half the defense were caught sleep walking as Merritt put two quick goals with 10 minutes of second half. The Gladiators battled back, but fell short losing the game 6-3.


 Men soccer hosted Contra Costa College. The game was evenly matched as both sides played very aggressive and fast. The Gladiators battle, but were stuck in a deadlock and tied the game 0-0.


Men soccer traveled to Napa for another chance to increase the win column. The Gladiators came home with a win beating Napa college in a convincing 3-0 win.


 Men soccer traveled to Napa for another chance to increase the win column. The Gladiators came home with a win beating Napa college in a convincing 3-0 win.


Men soccer hosted Contra Costa College. The game was evenly matched as both sides played very aggressive and fast. The Gladiators battle, but were stuck in a deadlock and tied the game 0-0.

9/11/2009 Men Soccer hosted College of the Redwoods for a non conference game. This will be the men's third game a chance for a win. The Gladiators looked good during warm ups and the team was optimistic about the game. Chabot showed hunger for that first victory scoring 3 goals and giving up 1 goals in the first half. Second half was an even match as the Gladiators showed some slight fatigue and low intensity when compared to the first half. Redwoods manages to score a quick goal on the Gladiator defense, but the offense answered back putting the ball in the back of the net for the fourth time. In the end, Chabot beats Redwoods with a score of 4-3 and gives the Gladiator a record of 1-1-1.

 Men Soccer hosted College of Marin for a non conference match. After losing to West Hills College the week before, Chabot was determined to not have the same result and take it to Marin. Chabot showed intensity and hunger for the win. Chabot managed to score 2 goals, but gave up 2 goals and ended up with a tie.

9/1/2009 Men soccer opened up against West hills College @ WHC. It was a hot day and the men were not acclimated to the weather, which played a role in their defeat. The score was 1-4 in favor of WHC. Emersen Alvarenga was the lone scorer for Chabot

 Game Results 2008

11/14/2008 Men Soccer hosted Foothill College in their last game of the season and a chance to end the season on the right foot. Foothill played the spoiler for the Gladiators winning the game 2 goals to 1 goal. Pablo Moreno Scored the only goal for the Gladiators. Conrado Garcia had 8 saves.
11/11/2008 Men soccer visited Canada College for their second to last game of the season. The Gladiators played with energy for the first half, but Canada took the lead from an uncovered forward to head the ball into the goal off a corner kick. Second half was a different story for the Gladiators as Canada took advantage of Chabot's low gear playing scoring three more goals. Chabot did managed not get shutout with a goal scored by Nick Arredondo which was assisted by Pablo Moreno. The final score was Chabot 1 goals Canada 4 goals.
11/7/2008 Men Soccer hosted Hartnell for a tough divisional game. The Gladiators started off with energy and poise scoring their only goal in the first half. Hartnell continued to pressure Chabot and the striker could not be contained scoring 4 goals on the Chabot defense. Final score Chabot 1 goal to Hartnell 4 goals. Top performers for Chabot included Nick Arredondo with a goal that was assisted by Dupree Gant. Goalkeeper Chris Nguyen had 12 saves for the game.
11/4/2008 Men soccer traveled to De Anza College for a conference match. The game was equally matched until a defensive error gave De Anza a penalty kick and the lead. The Gladiators quickly responded by scoring in less than 3minutes making it a tied ballgame. The game seem to be a deadlock until De Anza was awarded another penalty kick late in the game. Fortunately for our team the striker blew it over the bar and game resulted in a tie 1 goal a piece. Top performers for the Gladiators included Dupree Gant with a goal and Eder Guzman with the assist. Goal Keeper Chris Nguyen had 8 saves for the game.
10/31/2008 Men soccer hosted #2 in the north City College of San Francisco (CCSF). This game was predicted that CCSF would blow out Chabot, but the Gladiators were relentless and feared nothing that game. The Gladiators found themselves losing 2 goals to zero at halftime, but with the coaches inspirational words the Gladiators came out onto to field with energy and hunger for the win. The men scored a quick goals to cut the lead to one. CCSF fired back and took advantage of a defensive error which gave CCSF a penalty kick, giving them back the 2 goal lead at 3 goals to one. The Gladiators kept pushing and pushing until they knocked in two more goals to tie the game. Just when the game seem out of the reach for CCSF, a Chabot defender obviously fouls a CCSF player inside the penalty box. The player gets ejected with a red card from the game and CCSF is a awarded a penalty kick. PK shot is blocked by goal keeper Chris Nguyen preventing another Chabot loss for the week. The end result was a tie game both teams with 3 goals each. Top Chabot performers were from ANdres Ponce, Dupree Gant, and Nick Arredondo each scoring one goal. Other performance were from Eder Guzman with 2 assists.
10/27/2008 Men Soccer visited West Valley College in a division match and a chance for the Gladiators to advance in the standings. The men played with energy and tenacity in the first half only giving up 1 goal. The second half was a different story as the Gladiators looked sluggish compared to West Valley pace of play. The Gladiators gave up 7 goals in the second half for a total of 8 goal to zero loss. (No stats provided)
10/24/2008 Men soccer hosted a tough Cabrillo team and a chance to move up in the regional standing for a spot in the playoffs. That chance was not given by the Cabrillo team as the Gladiators lose with the score of 3 goals to zero. The men are sitting in the 29th regional spot and 2nd in conference standings. Patrick Nemah is 11th top points leader in the state with 13 goals and 3 assists and Eder Guzman is closing the gap at 14th place with 7 goals and 12 assists.
10/21/2008 Men soccer hosted Mission College in a conference match and said to be the last easy match of the season. Here to the opponents were not at full force starting the match with only 10 players. Chabot made sure to get out ahead fast and did by scoring the first goal in less than 5 minutes from start of the game. The goals kept coming and Mission had no chance of scoring on Chabot's tough defense. Chabot shuts out Mission College 8 goals to none. Top performers for Chabot were from Patrick Nemah scoring 3 goals and 1 assist, Joey Lopez with 2 goals, Chris Nguyen, Salvador Gonzalez, and Eder Guzman each scoring 1 goal.
10/17/2008 Men Soccer traveled to sister college Las Positas for a district rival game. It has been a long time since Las Positas has been able to beat Chabot and this year there was no change. Chabot Gladiators edged out Las Positas Hawks 3 goals to 2 goals. Top performers for Chabot were Eder Guzman and Patrick Nemah both with 1 goals and 1 assist. Adrian Guzman added another goal and Conrado Garcia (GK) had 8 saves for the game.
10/14/2008 Men Soccer hosted Evergreen Valley College(EVC) in a division match and in hopes to climb the regional ranks for playoff contention. The men fought hard under the lights, but the Gladiator defense collapsed in the last 7 minutes giving up 3 goals and the lead losing the match by a score of 6 goals to 4 goals. Top performers for Chabot included Patrick Nemah with 2 goals, Dupree Gant and Pablo Moreno both contributing 1 goal, and Andres Ponce with 2 assists for the game.
10/10/2008 Men soccer visited Gavilan College in Gilroy. The men had momentum coming into this game and it showed with the end result of 2 goals to one giving the men soccer two wins in a row. Top performances from Andres Ponce and Patrick Nemah each with one goal.
10/7/08 The Men played against Rival Ohlone College. The Gladiators come into this game already beating Ohlone in a lopsided game and hopes to give the Renegades that same fate. The Glads come out with fire in their bellies giving it to Ohlone and giving them another loss to their record with a score of 8 goals to 3 goals. Top performances from Patrick Nemah with hat trick(3 Goals), Dupree Gant with 2 goals, Eder Guzman with 1 goal and 3 assists, Pablo Moreno and Salvador Gonzalez each with 1 goal.
9/27/2008 Both the men and women soccer traveled to Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) for a double header.  The women faced MPC first and the men followed with the same performance a taking a win from MPC. After the men scored to goals, they found themselves cruising, but were rude awakened when MPC managed to score 3 goals to take the lead in the second half. The Chabot men soccer defined what a Gladitaor is all about: Battle to the end, until the last man is standing and teh men soccer team battled till the end putting in two more goals to win the game. Top performers were Andres Ponce with 2 goals, Nick Arredondo, and Patrick Nemah both score one goal. Eder Guzman had three assists.
9/19/2008 Men soccer hosted West Hills College on a chilly Friday night. West Hills comes in trying to redeem themselves after Chabot beat them earlier in the season at their place 3 goals to 2. The game is equally matched, but Chabot strikes first in the second half with a goals from Patrick Nemah (assisted by Eder Guzman). The Gladiators battled and battled, but West Hills managed to score 2 goals to edge out the Gladiator on a victory.
9/17/2008 Men soccer hosted Napa Valley College for a non-conference match. The game was equally matched on both sides of the pitch with each team scoring 1 goal for a tied game. Patrick Nemah was the lone scorer for Chabot with Eder Guzman assisting that goal.
9/12/2008 Men soccer traveled to Contra Costa College in a tough non conference match. The men lost in a close 2-1 match. (No stats were Provided)
9/9/2008 Men soccer traveled to state runner up Santa Rosa Junior College for a non conference match. The men lost 3 goals to none. Conrado Garcia had 10 saves for the game.
9/5/08 Friday September 5, 2008 both the men and women soccer teams were on the road for a game. The men faced arch rival Ohlone College for an exciting game. The men played outstanding beating the Renegades 5 goals to 1. Nick Arredondo and Eder Guzman both scored two goals and Yoshi Shimada added a goal. Goal Keeper Conrado Garcia had a great game.
9/3/08 the men soccer team visited West Hills College in hot Coalinga. This was going to be a task for the Gladiators due to the weather, but the gladiator overcame the heat and added their first win of the season. The score was 3-2 with the contributions of Dupree Gant scoring two goals and Eder Guzman scoring another.

Game Results 2007

11-20-2007 Men soccer traveled to Cabrillo College for 2nd round of playoffs and a closer look at reaching the state tournament. Unfortunately, Cabrillo ended up winning the game 2 goals to one ending the Gladiators post season run. Congratulations to the men soccer program.
11/17/2007 The men Soccer team are in the playoffs and will play Saturday 11/17/2007 @ West Valley College. Congratulation the men soccer team and their Head Coach Tony Igwe and assistant Jose Lemus, Armando Salinas.
11/9/2007 Both the men and women soccer visited West Valley College. The men played first to claim third place in league and a possible berth into the playoffs. The men came up short only scoring one gaol after the Vikings were given 2 penalty kicks. Score was 2-1. The women played right after the men and hopes in keeping their spot in the top 16th place for playoff play. Unfortunately the lady Gladiators lost 3-1.
11/6/07 Men soccer Hosted De Anza College in a crucial game. The boys came out with fire in their bellies dominating the Dons and scoring 2 quick goals in the first half. The Dons fought back scoring two goals in the second half, but the Gladiators had put the game out of reach with 4 goals of their own. End result Chabot 4 De Anza 2.
11/2/2007 Men soccer traveled to Cabrillo College for a game under the lights and a tough opponents. Last encounter both teams came out with a tie and once again both teams came out with a tie with the score of 1-1.
10/30/2007 Men soccer traveled across the bay for a conference match against the Canada Colts. The Gladiators were quickly caught flat footed as the Colts scored four goals in about 15 minutes into the game. Chabot fought back, but the damage was to deep ending in an overall score of 2-6 which puts the gladiators out of playoff hopes.
10/29/2007 with a soccer double header. The Men and the Women both played Yuba City College in a non conference match. The men started off the day losing a close one with a score of 2-3. Both teams battled each other, but Yuba came out on top. The women Soccer team followed after the men, hoping to not suffer the same fate. The women fought hard, but lost with a score of 0-2.
10/26/2007 Both the men and the women soccer teams traveled to Foothill College for a conference game. Both teams came out with a victory. The women won with a score of 4-0 and the men won a close, but important match 1-0.

Division 5-3-1
Conference 6-4-1
Overall 9-5-1

10/23/2007 Men soccer visited Evergreen Valley College and easily beat them 5-1.
10/19/2007 Men soccer hosted Gavilan College and won with an score of 3-0.
10/16/2007 Men soccer hosted West Valley College losing 2-0 a slimming their chances for playoffs.
10/12/2007 Men soccer visited De Anza College losing the battle in a close game 1-0.
10/9/2007 The men played on the new field turf in the stadium, which resulted in a tie of 4-4.
10/6/07 Men Soccer traveled to San Francisco City College losing in a lopsided score of 4-0.
10/2/07 Men soccer traveled to Foothill College and lost with a score of 3-2.
9/28/07 Men Soccer hosted Evergreen college and easily beat them by a score of 3-0. Daniel Valencia score 2 goals along with Shane Kilby. Goalkeeper Carlos Cerda tallied a shutout with 4 saves.
9/25/07 Men soccer traveled to Gavilan College for a division opener and won with a score of 3-2. Top goal scorer Junior Leonardo showed his presence with a total of 2 goals. Shane Kilby added the third goal for Chabot's win over Gavilan.
9/21/07 Men soccer also hosted Hartnell College. Last year Chabot traveled to Hartnell and came home with a defeat. This year was almost the same repeat than last year the Gladiators battled hard to come out with the victory over Hartnell 3-2.
9/18/07 Men soccer traveled to Modesto for a non conference game losing to the Pirates 3-2.
9/14/2007 Men soccer hosted rival sister school Las Positas College started off with intensity and excitement. Las Positas showed speed and determination to win the game, but Chabot showed there presence on the field putting pressure on every ball and every opponent. Chabot showed intensity, creativity, tenacity, speed, and poise on the field giving them an easy win over rival school Las Positas College 4 goals to one. This wins gives Chabot its third in a row. Key players were Junior Leonardo scoring 2 goals, Jorge Guardado, and Shane Kilby with one goal a piece.
9/11/2007 Men soccer traveled to Napa Valley College for a preseason game against a tough team. Chabot beats Napa Valley 5-3 giving them two wins in a row. Key player that contributed to Chabot's win were Junior Leonardo scoring two goals, Nick Arredondo, Jorge Guardado, and Alex Sincerny scoring one goal each.
/7/007 Men Soccer opened up their season at home against Contra Costa College. The Gladiators showed power, speed, agility, and poise. The offense was on top of their game and the defense was tenacious till the last whistle blow. Chabot starts off theri season on the winning side beating Contra Costa 2-0.

Overall: 11-9-2

Game Results 2006

11/13/06 the men soccer team faced a tough Canada team on Tuesday 11/7/06. Both sides were equally matched ending the game in a draw 0-0
11/7/06 The week started off on Tuesday the men's soccer team hosting De Anza College. the game was conference play and important in climbing the standings.  The men soccer team faced a tough De Anza squad, in which the Gladiators had the lead, but a tenacious De Anza team figured out the Chabot defense scoring two goals to take the lead and winning the game 2-1.
  Friday, Men soccer hosted Mission College beating them 9-0.
10/31/06 Last Wednesday, Men soccer traveled to Evergreen College fighting hard ending with a draw of 1-1. Last Friday, Men soccer faced a tough Hartnell College team in Salinas, CA. The team fought hard, but they were unmatched lopsided loss 6-0.
10/23/06 The Men soccer team came away with a victory beating Skyline College 2-1 last Tuesday.
Friday, the Men's soccer team faced a relentless Foothill team. It has a hard fought battle with many opportunities for both teams to sneak away with a win, but ended in a draw 0-0.
10/16/06 Men soccer played Cabrillo College at home beating them in a shutout 2-0.
Men soccer visited CCSF losing the game 3-1.
10/10/06 Men soccer only had one game last week Tuesday against Ohlone beating them 6-0.
10/2/06 Men's Soccer traveled to West Hills College where they played right after the women's game, in which they lost 3-0. Then the Men finished the week off with their conference opener against a talented West Valley team, which beat the men 4-2.
9/25/06 Men's soccer are have trouble coming away with a win last week. They tied American River 2-2 after leading the game for a couple of minutes. The Men soccer team also tied Ohlone 0-0. This soccer team is having trouble winning and more importantly scoring. Can't win any games without scoring.
9/18/06 Men's Soccer had only one game on friday against Contra Costa.
The teams struggled to put a goal in the net ending in a tie score of 0-0.
9/11/06 Men's Soccer only faced Modesto JC on Wednesday that was part of a double header with the Women's Soccer. Modesto is always a tough opponent to face. The gladiators fought hard, but had many problems finishing and putting the ball in the net. There was many missed opportunities that could of gave the Gladiators a win against the nationally ranked Modesto Team. Manuel Vasquez missed a penalty kick that would of put the gladiators back in the game. In the end the Gladiators fell short losing 2-1 against Modesto. Goal scorer for Chabot was Leslie Powell heading the ball in from about 18 yrds out over the goal keeper.
9/5/06 The Men's Soccer team faced Feather River on Saturday. Both teams battled each other until Feather River gained a lucky break away in which the striker put the ball past the Chabot goal keeper giving Feather river the only goal of the Match. Final score feather River 1 chabot 0.
The second day of the tournament the Gladiators went up against Yuba. The Gladiators showed that poise and confidence despite the loss they endured the day before. The men showed speed, creativity, hustle, and drive to come out with a win. the men played hard and full of energy and it all paid off when Daniel Valencia shoots the ball at the far post just passed the goal keeper for the only goal of the match. Chabot 1 Yuba 0.
The third and final game of the tournament was against the host team Cabrillo. This was going to be a tough game from the start. Cabrillo won their conference last year and makes you earn a win from them. Both teams fought hard playing hard and aggressive. Chabot played great and fought hard to win the game 1-0. Manuel Vasquez scores the only goal of the game.

Overall Record 2005 11-8-3
Conference 5-0-1, 2nd place
Northern California qualifier #8 seed
1st team All Conference Sam Case
1st team All Conference Nick Archer
2nd team All Conference Dedic Mirza
2nd team All Conference Lewis Sweeney

Game Results 2005

11/17/05 The Men Soccer Team played against West Valley College on Friday, Nov. 11and tied them 1 - 1. Sam Case scored the only goal for Chabot College.

Then they also played against Skyline College on Tuesday, Nov. 15 and won by a score of 1 - 0. Chabot's Dickson Lgbineweala scored the only goal for Chabot.
11/10/05 Chabot Men SoccerTeam played on last Tuesday against Evergreen College and won by a score of 1 - 0.
11/8/05 Chabot Men SoccerTeam played Foothill College on Friday, Nov. 4 and won by a score of 2 - 0.
1st goal was scored by David Cisneros and assisted by Sam Case. The second goal was scored by Sam Case and assisted by Nick Archer and Mirza Dedic.
11/3/05 The Chabot Men Soccer Team played Oct. 28 against CCSF and won 1 - 0. Sam Case scored Chabots only goal.
Chabot then played again on Nov. 1 against Las Positas College at Chabot. Score: Chabot 4 - Las Positas 1.
Two goals were scored by Sam Case and two goals were scored by Mirza Dedic. Assists were from Sams - Dedic 1st goal, Dedic - Sams 2nd goal, Kyle Gomez - Sams 3rd goal and Ulysiss Amezua - Mirza Dedic for the fourth and final goal. Leading scorer for Chabot is Sam Case with 13 goals and 8 assists. Leading Assists for Chabot is Mirza Dedic with 8 assists and 7 goals.
10/31/05 Chabot Mens Soccer Team played against CCSF last Friday October 28th in San Francisco.
Chabot 1 CCSF 0

Chabot vs Mission Chabot 6 - Mission 4

Ulysses Amezcua 1
Jorge Guardado 1
Sam Case 2
Mirza Dedic 2

10/13/05 On Tuesday, Oct 4 Men Soccer Team played DeAnza College and Lost. Men's Chabot 0 DeAnza 5
10/11/05 Men Soccer Team played Cabrillo College on Oct. 11 and won. Chabot 3 Cabrillo 1:
Men's: Sam Case, Muza Dedic, Chris Lopez
10/5/05 Chabot Men Soccer Team lost Tuesday to DeAnza College by a score of 5 - 0.
9/30/05 Chabot beat S. J. Delta College 3 - 0.
Chabot tied Yuba College 1 - 1.
Chabot beat Ohlone College 7 - 0. And in the last game on Tuesday, Chabot played Hartnell College and lost to them 1 - 3.
Chabot Men Soccer Team will play again today Friday, Sept. 30 against Santa Rosa College here at Chabot. Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Then they will play again on Tuesday, October 4 against DeAnza College at DeAnza. Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
9/14/05 Men soccer team played yesterday against yuba college and they tied 1 - 1.
They will play again on Thursday, Sept. 15 against Shasta College. Game Time: 3:00 p.m.

Soccer Update: Chabot Mens Soccer played Santa Rosa College on Aug. 30th. Chabot - 1 Santa Rosa - 5.
Sam Case scored the lone goal and it was assisted.

On Saturday , Sept. 3rd . Chabot Men Soccer played in the Consummnes Tournament. In the first game Chabot played against American River. Chabot scored 3 goals and American River scored 2. In that game Chabots Dickson Igbineweala socred 2 goals and chabots Nick Acher scored 1 goal. to beat American River.

In the second game on Saturday, Chabot played against Consumnes College. Chabot Scored 1 goal and Consumnes scored 4 goals.
Chabots Sam Case sored Chabots only goal unassisted.

In the game on Sunday, Chabot played against S. J. Delta College. Chabot scored 3 goals and Delta scored 1 goal. Sam Case scored 2 goals with an assist from Mirza Dadic and a penalty kick. The third goal was scored by Mirza Dedic.
Sam Case has scored 4 goals in four games.

Chabot finished 3rd place in the tournament with 2 wins out of 3 games! Congratulations to the Chabot Mens Soccer Team.

Game Results 2004

11/9/04 Men Soccer lost to De Anza College on Tuesday, Nov. 9 by a score of 2 - 0.
11/5/04 Men Soccer team played last Friday, Nov. 5 against Mission college and beat them 3 - 0. Luis Palacios with Chabot first goal with an assists by Jose Gonzales, Jorge Avila with chabots next goal with an assist by Izaat Hazem and chabot last goal was by Andrew Toscano with an assist by Jorge Avila. Good job Men Soccer team!!!
11/3/04 Men's Soccer played last Friday, Oct. 29 against Evergreen College and tied them 1 - 1. Only goal scored by Chabot was scored Izaat Hazem and assisted by Jose Gonzales.
10/26/04 Men Soccer Team played Tuesday, Oct 26 against CCSF and tied them 0 - 0.
10/22/04 Mens Soccer tied with De Anza College 0 - 0.
10/19/04 Chabot Men Soccer played yesterday and beat Mission College 8 - 3. Jorge Avila scored the first goal with an assist by Jose Gonzales. Sam Case scored the next goal with an assist by Luis Palacios. Jorge Avila scored the next two goals with assist by Nicholas Acher and PK. Then Mirza Dedic scored again for Chabot with an assist by Yoshi Tajima. Nicholas Acher scored the sixth goal with an assist by Jorge Avila. And the last two goals were scored by Sam Case with an assist by Jorge Avila and the other score was on a free kick. Record Now: 7 - 3 - 2.

Men Soccer played against Evergreen College on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at Evergreen. Chabot lost 2 - 1. Only goal scored by Chabot was made by Jorge Avila and the assist was made by Jose Gonzales.

Men's Record now: 6 - 3 - 2.

10/8/04 Men's Soccer played against CCSF on Friday, Oct. 8 at Chabot College. Team score was Chabot - 2 and CCSF - 1  Scoring goals for Chabot were Jorge Avila with an assist by PK. And Sam Case with an assist by Jorge Avila.

Chabot Mens Soccer won Tuesday , Oct. 5 against Foothill college. The score was 6 - 0.

Jorge Avila Scored 3 goals for Chabot while teammate sam Case score another 2 goals. And Jose Gonzales also scored 1 goal. Team record now: 5 - 2 - 2.


Men Soccer also played Friday against Canada college. They won 2 - 1. Jorge Avila scored Chabots only two goals in the second half. He had assist by Luis Palacios on his first goal and by Mirza Dedic on his second goal.

Team Record : 4 - 2 -4.

9/21/04 Mens Soccer played against Skyline College Tuesday, Sept. 21 at Chabot. The men's team won 2 - 0.   Record now: 3 - 2 - 3.
9/17/04 Men's Soccer team lost to Cabrillo College Last Friday. They lost 4 - 3. In the first half of play Nawabi Maudeen score a goal for Chabot and assisted by Nicholas Archer. In the second half of the game there were two goal scored by Chabot. Nicholas Archer scored one goal he scored on a free kick and the other goal was scored by Ben Rebinski on a throw in. Team Record: 2 - 2 - 3 ties.
9/14/04 against Hartnell College at Hartnell. Chabot lost 4 - 1.  Yoshiharu Tajima scored the only goal for Chabot in the second half of the game.
9/10/04 Men's Soccer also played this last Friday against Las Positas College. They tied 2 - 2. Chabot Men's Soccer is still undefeated.
9/7/04 Men's soccer played Ohlone College here and beat them 2 - 0.
9/3/04 Men's Soccer played against Yuba College tied 1 - 1.
8/31/04 Men's Soccer beat College of Marin Tuesday,  with a score of 5 - 1.


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2005 - 2006: 2nd
2004 - 2005: 2nd
2003 - 2004: 5th
2002 - 2003: 5th
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