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This is Chabot College
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Nickname: Gladiators
Colors: Gold & Black

Chabot Junior College Men's & Woman's Tennis, is considered one of the top tennis programs in California. Chabot teams have been consistently ranked highly in the state of California, always in  contention for Coast Conference Championships. Chabot College is committed to the success of their student-athletes . Chabot College academics are highly respected, and the college is considered one of the top community colleges in the country. The majority of the student-athletes that compete for Chabot College, transfer to 4 year colleges, after they have completed their work at Chabot.

Coach Morris believes in a balanced approach, when developing excellence in his tennis team members. Chabot College has a new Strength & Fitness Center, which we use every day before practice starts. We have a strength/fitness instructor, who is one of our assistant coaches, that helps organize and run our fitness program. On court, we concentrate on competitive situations, strategic methods such as high percentage play , change of direction footwork and sprint training [anaerobic] . Specific singles & doubles drills that are geared towards competitive preparation, are a daily routine for Chabot College Team Players.

Developing the student-athlete, there competitive spirit and winning attitude, stressing improvement over winning at all cost, then with improvement the winning will usually follow. Representing the college, there coach's, there team mates, and themselves is a high priority. Sportsmanship and professionalism will always be a requirement of student-athletes at Chabot College.

Volleyball courtNew Facilities, 2010

Chabot College recently built

a brand new Tennis Facility !

It has 9 tennis courts, lights for all 9 courts.


Also recently completed, is state-of-the-art,

Strength & Fitness Center, next to the tennis courts.