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Funding News - Finally !

College Funding for Conference Attendance

The College budget for 2002-03 now includes funding for off-campus workshop and conference attendance. In consultation with President Carlson and VP of Business Services Bob Curry, the Staff Development Committee is pleased to announce the following allocation for conference funding this academic year:

Travel/Conference $23,000

Other expenses $ 1,500

With state funding eliminated this year in both AB1725 (staff development) and TTIP (technology) programs, the Committee seeks to stretch these college funds as far as they can be stretched and to strive for the fairest possible disbursement. With this in mind, the Committee has made 3 notable adjustments to existing criteria for awarding funds this year:

1. Awards for attendance at off-campus conferences or workshops will be $300 per person, $400 if the person requesting funds is an organizer or presenter.

2. TTIP funds have been rolled over from last year. Funding for technology-focused training will stay at the $500 level but funding will be limited to EITHER college funds OR TTIP. The 2 will not be added together as in previous years.

3.Funds also are not sufficient to fund large groups of attendees at a single conference. The committee will allocate a maximum of $1500 for multiple requests for the same conference for which the attending group can apply in any configuration it wishes, so long as the maximum each person requests falls within the above personal limits.

The Committee reminds everyone of the commitment to funding representatives of the College to attend conferences and training and then bring information back to share with colleagues. We will now really rely on people to find ways to share rides, share attendance, share rooms and to present information gathered to appropriate groups on campus upon your return.

The very popular tuition reimbursement program can no longer be funded by Staff Development, but the committee hopes that this pilot project becomes institutionalized through some other funding source.

Discussion is still underway of continued funding of part-time faculty mentoring & training programs aimed at programmatic coherence. This valuable activity is worthy of very serious consideration and the Committee needs more time to discuss various possible outcomes.

The Committee is committed to maintaining membership and participation in the statewide staff development organization 4C/SD for the College.

Application due dates and procedures are described on the back of this newsletter. REMINDER: even if you do NOT apply for Staff Development funding, you need to complete a Conference Request Form to ensure that you have the institution’s permission to take the time and to be covered by any applicable insurance.

On-Campus Events

The Talking About Teaching Workshop with Dr. Norton Grubb on Oct. 9 provoked a thoughtful and lively discussion about how to put learning at the center of the college and how other colleges have worked toward this goal. All are invited to participate in this ongoing series of presentations and discussions. Our next meeting is Wednesday October 30, 3-5 pm in the Chabot Early Childhood Center, Room 3511. Dr. Grubb’s book Honored But Invisible which focuses on teaching in the community colleges is available in the Library and the Bookstore. Videotapes of past sessions are also available in the Library.

New Faculty Learning Community You are invited to join a gathering of the New Faculty Learning Community. This is not comprised solely of newly hired faculty but they are at the core of this grouping.

All those interested in engaging different approaches to what is going on in the classroom are invited to join us for the next sessions. The next gathering is Tuesday, October 22, in the Library - Rooms 107 A/B from 2:30- 4:30 pm and witll focus on Learning Styles and strategies for instruction. The last workshop this fall will be on November 19 and will focus on Writing Across the Curriculum - the ways writing can be integrated and utilized in all areas of study.

Dia de los Muertos Oct. 29 Noon – 1 pm Library 107A/B Join Francisco Zermeno in the construction of the traditional altar for celebration of Dia de participate are invited to bring a photograph, a candle, and someting personal relating to the person they will want to remember and then s/he will be included in the altar. los Muertos and discussion of the rich meaning and traditions of this Mexican holiday.

Proposal Due Dates

Fall 2002


  • Oct 25
  • Nov. 8
  • Nov. 22
  • Dec. 6
  • Dec. 13
  • Jan. 17

Staff Development meets the following week


Please apply well in advance of your conference or workshop – follow all steps:

Fill out a Proposal Form (LOCATED IN BUILDING 200)

Fill out a Conference Request form

(and an Out-Of-State Form if applicable)

Attach a COPY of your registration form (and any pertinent information)

HAVE YOUR SUPERVISOR SIGN ALL FORMS and return to Box 612 or Room 773 before the deadline date.

Within a couple of days following the committee’s consideration, the Staff Development Coordinator will notify you of the status of your proposal.

Within 30 days of your conference, workshop, or event, submit a Conference Expense Claim form to the Staff Development Office, box 612 or room 773, in order to receive your reimbursement.


Advance payments require processing at the District; therefore, more time is needed to complete the approval process. The Business Office needs 3 WEEKS after committee approval in order to process the paperwork in a timely manner.

(Note: if Out-of-State, add an additional 2 weeks for a total of 5 weeks).

Here are the steps to follow:

Complete a Conference Proposal Form and a Conference Request Form, including all required signatures and attachments (as usual). ALSO – attach a Disbursement Request Form with your packet. The language should read: "Request advance check for (registration fees, hotel, etc.)". Be sure to have your supervisor’s signature on this form. Submit the entire packet to the Staff Development Office before the corresponding meeting that takes place AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE ADVANCE IS NEEDED. Once approved by the Staff Development Committee, your packet will be sent on to the Business Office for the usual processing procedure. Please note: Last minute requests will not be accepted by the Business Services Office.

Do You have ideas for on-campus Staff Development activities?

We are always seeking input for activities that we can implement now, incorporate into Flex Day activities or implement in the future. Just because our funding situation is not very good, doesn’t mean that we can’t look to the future.

We can help publicize and organize (not fund) on-campus activities right now. Is there a forum you think we should organize that addresses issues that staff, faculty or administrators are confronting that we need to explore and discuss?

Let us hear from you – Send your suggestions to box 612. Or email the coordinators:

  • Cbaumann@chabotcollege.edu
  • Iplunkett@chabotcollege.edu or
  • kwaldo@chabotcollege.edu

Or speak with any member of the committee.

Thank you.

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