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Jump In! Spring 2003

Make your voice heard in Sacramento! Monday, March 17 , students, faculty and staff from community colleges all over the state will converge on Sacramento to impress upon our legislators and Governor Davis that the proposed cuts to California's community colleges are unacceptable and will disproportionately hurt our students' chances to pursue their life goals. Staff Development is helping to sponsor a letter-writing campaign, petition signing, and is coordinating with student leaders organizing the trip to Sacramento. Field trips are planned in many classes and others have found creative ways to incorporate an interaction with our state government into classroom work. Check the Information Board in the Library and the Chabot Library website for more information. Click on Calif. Community Colleges Budget Crisis to find background information, addresses of legislators, suggested format for letters, details of the trip to Sacramento .

New Faculty Learning Community

The increasing participation in this ongoing series demonstrates our need for this opportunity for new faculty to get together with each other and other members of the college community to discuss various facets of instruction and to share specific instructional techniques, such as Classroom Assessment, use of computer-based technologies, effective use of the textbook and others. At our last session, the 17 participants included a Classified Instructional Assistant and several long-time tenured faculty! Everyone is welcome!

Upcoming sessions--all are held 2 - 4 pm :

Feb. 20 Rm 119 (Library Electronic Classroom)

Scott Hildreth will work with us to discuss teaching issues we could creatively address with tech tools which are available to us here at Chabot... and we'll learn how these tools actually work.

Scott teaches all over the state, so a chance to work with him for 2 hours is a rare treat. A short questionnaire will be used to help Scott focus the discussion to our specific interests.

Feb. 27 Rm 107A/B (Library Conference Rooms)

Dennis Chowenhill will continue and expand the discussion we started on Feb. 6 exploring ways to make efficient use of the textbook. In addition to getting s uggestions for classroom activities to improve student reading, the group will be trained to construct CLOZE tests of their texts. We will begin to discuss issues that arise in reading online--primarily from Web-based sources.

March 6 Rm 107A/B (Library Conference Room

Norman Buchwald and Diana Immisch will describe successful collaborations with faculty in constructing meaningful assignments that mesh well with practice in use of library resources, especially the 15 online databases which the library offers. Classroom Assessment Techniques which enhance the students' experience with doing research will be introduced. Participants who send in assignments beforehand will benefit from individual work with a librarian.

DATES for NEW FACULTY MEETINGS (11 total) Thursday afternoons 2-4 Library 107A/B

JAN 30,Feb 6

FEB 20, 27

MARCH 6, 20, 27

APRIL 3, 24

MAY 1, 15 - Summing Up

While these meetings are designed primarily for our new faculty members, we welcome everyone! Watch for emails announcing future session topics .

Talking about Teaching on Tuesdays --beginning Feb. 25!

Jeanine Paz will begin our series with a group-focusing and relaxing technique she has found to be very successful. What other ways have you used to facilitate good group dynamics,and foster a sense of community in your classroom? Bring your lunch, relax with colleagues and share your thoughts on teaching. Feb. 25 noon - 1 pm Library ( Rm. 107A/B)

Dates of future Tuesday sessions: March 4 March 11 ( Student Behavior Issues & the Impact on the Learning Environment --Board Room) March 18 (Report back from Sacramento) March 25 April 1 April 8

Check out the new Chabot Staff Development web page at /staffdevel

Staff Development

Committee Members


Carol Baumann ................... x6767

Irene Plunkett ..................... x6819

Kip Waldo …………sabbatical Spring 2003


Arlene Deleon


  • Debbie Budd Wayne Nakano
  • Scott Hildreth Denise Noldon
  • Gail Johnson-Murphy Minta Peterson
  • Gloria Meads Greg Rees
  • Mary Mino Michelle Sherry
  • Rosie Mogle Judy Young

Office support:

Vacant ................................. x7066

Proposal Due Dates

Spring 2003


Jan 24

Feb 7, Feb 21

March 7, March 21

April 4, April 25

May 2, May 16

Staff Development meets the following week


Please apply well in advance of your conference or workshop – follow all steps:

1. Fill out a Proposal Form (LOCATED IN BUILDING 200)

2. Fill out a Conference Request form

(and an Out-Of-State Form if applicable)

3. Attach a COPY of your registration form (and any pertinent information)

4. HAVE YOUR SUPERVISOR SIGN ALL FORMS and return to Box 612 or Room 773 before the deadline date .

5. Within a couple of days following the committee's consideration, the Staff Development Coordinator will notify you of the status of your proposal.

6. Within 30 days of your conference, workshop, or event, submit a Conference Expense Claim form to the Staff Development Office, box 612 or room 773, in order to receive your reimbursement.

SD Forms are available in: Bldg. 200 – Front Desk Bldg 700 - Rm. 773


Advance payments require processing at the District; therefore, more time is needed to complete the approval process. The Business Office needs 3 WEEKS after committee approval in order to process the paperwork in a timely manner.

(Note: if Out-of-State, add an additional 2 weeks for a total of 5 weeks).

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Complete a Conference Proposal Form and a Conference Request Form, including all required signatures and attachments (as usual).

2. ALSO – attach a Disbursement Request Form with your packet. The language should read: “Request advance check for (registration fees, hotel, etc.)”. Be sure to have your supervisor's signature on this form.

3. Submit the entire packet to the Staff Development Office before the corresponding meeting that takes place AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE ADVANCE IS NEEDED .

4. Once approved by the Staff Development Committee, your packet will be sent on to the Business Office for the usual processing procedure.

Please note: Last minute requests will not be accepted

by the Business Services Office .

Do you have ideas for on-campus Staff Development activities?

We are always seeking input for activities that we can implement now, incorporate into Flex Day activities or implement in the future. Just because our funding situation is not very good, doesn't mean that we can't look to the future.

We can help publicize and organize (not fund) on-campus activities right now. Is there a forum you think we should organize that addresses issues that staff, faculty or administrators are confronting that we need to explore and discuss?

Let us hear from you – Send your suggestions to box 612 Or email one of the coordinators:



Or speak with any member of the committee.

Thank you.

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