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Back to School! Fall 2003

Staff Development plans for Fall Semester With reduced release time for coordination but the same level of college funding as last academic year, your Staff Development Committee has already met to discuss plans for this year. Support for individual and group attendance at conferences or trainings will remain at the same level as last year: $300 for attendance OR $400 if you are a presenter or organizer. For a group wishing to attend a conference a total of $1500 or $300 per person (whichever is less) may be arranged. TTIP funding remains and will support technology training that can bring needed skills back to the college for implementation-- the per-person limit is $500 and may not be combined with other funding.

We are also looking for Campus Projects to fund…see below for details.

New Faculty Learning Community

Last year was the first year in many years that we had a New Faculty Learning Community and the effort was an unqualified success. We continue this year with our newly hired faculty and welcome everyone to participate.

Upcoming sessions --all are held 2:30- 4:30 pm in the Library Room 107A/B :

Sept. 4 Intro: This is a chance for the group to get acquainted, discuss issues that have already arisen and start with some basic Classroom Assessment Techniques.

Sept. 18 Improving Student Work through successful collaboration with the Library

Norman Buchwald and Diana Immisch will describe successful collaborations with faculty in constructing meaningful assignments that mesh well with practice using library resources. Be sure your students know how to use the 15 online databases to which the library subscribes!

Oct. 2 Establishing a Classroom Climate

We will begin a discussion of classroom climate issues such as attendance, plagiarism, group interaction and exploring ways to employ classroom assessment to direct the focus of classroom work.

DATES for NEW FACULTY MEETINGS (8 total) Thursday afternoons 2:30-4:30 Library 107A/B

  • Sept. 4, Sept. 18
  • Oct. 2, Oct. 16, Oct. 30
  • Nov. 6, Nov. 20
  • Dec. 4 - Summing Up and plans for Spring

While these meetings are designed primarily for our new faculty members, we welcome everyone! Watch for emails announcing future session topics.

We're looking for a few good projects!

Staff Development Committee will set aside a portion of its funding this year to support projects initiated by faculty and staff within the college. These projects would contribute to the discussion of or practice of excellence in education or would further the goal of a healthy college. This might include a program for adjunct training, a collaboration with colleagues in your area or in another area, or a training or activity to boost health, fitness, or campus climate. The limited funds will unfortunately not allow for release time for faculty but could possibly provide modest stipends for adjuct faculty or presenters. Proposals should be submitted on the Staff Development Project Proposal Form that is available in Bldg. 200 in the Staff Development Area .

Fall 2003 deadlines for ALL Staff Development proposals and requests for conference funding are:

Sept 5 Sept 19 Oct 3 Oct 17 Oct 31

Nov 7 Nov 21 Dec 5

Free Online Software Training

The Foundation for the California Community Colleges has made web-based software training available to employees in California Community Colleges. The catch? There are a limited number of slots open - 100 at Chabot.

This training in the MicroSoft Office series includes courses in Word, Excel and Frontpage. Macromedia's Dreamweaver is also being offered.

To sign up : by August 29 , email Kip Waldo ( kwaldo@chabotcollege.edu ) All the classes start Oct. 1, 2003 and end September 30, 2004. These are online courses available 24/7. If you wish to pursue the courses at work, please discuss this with your supervisor.

Please don't wait until the last minute. Registration for the 100 slots will be first come first served . For a preview or sample course go to www.skillsoft.com and select the link marked "SkillSoft Demo Center" then a course can be selected (not one of ours). It will give you a sense of the type of training available.

Proposal Due Dates

Fall 2003


Sept 5, Sept 19

Oct 3, Oct 17, Oct 31

Nov 7, Nov 21

Dec 5

Staff Development meets following these dates.


Please apply well in advance of your conference or workshop – follow all steps:

1. Fill out a Proposal Form (LOCATED IN BUILDING 200)

2. Fill out a Conference Request form

(and an Out-Of-State Form if applicable)

3. Attach a COPY of your registration form (and any pertinent information)

4. HAVE YOUR SUPERVISOR SIGN ALL FORMS and return to Box 2096 or Room 773 before the deadline date .

5. Within a couple of days following the committee's consideration, the Staff Development Coordinator will notify you of the status of your proposal.

6. Within 30 days of your conference, workshop, or event, submit a Conference Expense Claim form to the Staff Development Office, box 2096 or room 773, in order to receive your reimbursement.

SD Forms are available in Bldg. 200 or outside Rm. 773


Advance payments require processing at the District; therefore, more time is needed to complete the approval process. The Business Office needs 3 WEEKS after committee approval in order to process the paperwork in a timely manner.

(Note: if Out-of-State, add an additional 2 weeks for a total of 5 weeks).

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Complete a Conference Proposal Form and a Conference Request Form, including all required signatures and attachments (as usual).

2. ALSO – attach a Disbursement Request Form with your packet. The language should read: “Request advance check for (registration fees, hotel, etc.)”. Be sure to have your supervisor's signature on this form.

3. Submit the entire packet to the Staff Development Office before the corresponding meeting that takes place AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE ADVANCE IS NEEDED .

4. Once approved by the Staff Development Committee, your packet will be sent on to the Business Office for the usual processing procedure.

Please note: Last minute requests will not be accepted

by the Business Services Office .

Do you have ideas for on-campus Staff Development activities?

We are always seeking input for activities that we can implement now, incorporate into Flex Day activities or implement in the future.

We can provide assistance in publicizing and organizing on-campus activities. Is there a forum you think we should organize that addresses issues that staff, faculty or administrators are confronting that we need to explore and discuss?

Let us hear from you – Send your suggestions to Box 2096 Or email one of the coordinators:

Or speak with any member of the committee.

Thank you.

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