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Fall 2002 Staff Development Committee Update

As many of you may have heard by now, the state staff development funds (AB1725) were left on the cutting room floor in the final edit of the state budget epic. Many thanks to all of you who wrote clear and thoughtful letters to lawmakers and the governor supporting staff development funding.

In 2001-2002 we funded over 115 proposals for conference attendance for approximately 170 staff, faculty and administrators to attend a range of conferences, trainings and other activities representing every area of academic and student service activity on campus.

Fall Flex Day 2001 is remembered for our flex day speaker, internationally-known author (and former faculty member) Chitra Divakaruni. Fall 2001 was quickly dominated by the events and aftermath of 9/11 and in response to staff and faculty forums, the Eyes on the World series presented 13 informational meetings on a range of topics with which we were able to expand our understanding of the world and our place in it. This series, in turn, was supported by a California Council for the Humanities grant.

Spring 2002 brought author readings and presentations updating us on the Energy Crisis in California, Dr. Sperling on Ashley Montagu, and a very popular discussion of the Evolution debate. The calendar was full of technology trainings provided through Staff Development throughout the entire year.

We were in the second year of successful pilots for training adjunct faculty in Anthropology, English, ESL, and Fine Arts as well as offering financial compensation to adjunct faculty who participated in flex day and division day activities. Finally, the VERY popular tuition reimbursement program funded faculty and staff taking 372 units at the college.

Finally, with the steady part-time assistance of staff member Cheryl Rothman, we were able to process a great deal of paperwork with efficiency and troubleshoot problems swiftly and to produce newsletters and announcements regularly.

These are just some of the highlights of last year's projects made possible in large part through state funding.

What Is Happening This Fall?

Conference Funding

There are no funds coming from the state this year. We do expect funds from the college, once the final District budget has been established. We held onto some technology training (TTIP) funds These funds will be used to support technology training once there is a coherent approach to technology.

The committee still urges you to apply for funds, we will let you know about the award amounts and criteria. Old forms are still available, please allow time for processing.

On-Campus Events

Talking About Teaching – A workshop series with Dr. Norton Grubb. Dr. Grubb will conduct a series of 4 workshops here at Chabot that will focus specifically on Chabot College and the needs and perspectives as articulated by workshop participants.

Wednesdays 2-4 pm, Room 3521, Early Childhood Development Center September 18, October 9 & 30, Nov. 13

Healing Journeys: Cancer as a Turning Point is a 2-day conference that will be held at Chabot this weekend Sept. 14-15, 2002. Information about this FREE conference can be found at www.healingjourneys.org Mandatory volunteer meeting for all volunteers is at 7 pm, Friday Sept. 13 in the Chabot Performing Arts Center. Registration Saturday at 8 am, program starts promptly at 9.

Fall 2002 Flex Day Recap

The response to Dr. Cindra Smith's presentation was generally positive and elicited a wide range of comments. Many people noted that they would like more active engagement for any follow-up sessions; others noted that they like presentations that include smaller group discussions.

Dr. Grubb 's introductory workshop was well received by those in attendance. Most commented on the value of this as an arena to discuss and shape our goals as a college.

Pent up demand for tech solutions was evident in the standing-room only turnout for the Blackboard session. Smaller groups took advantage of sessions for Frontpage training, Gradequick, Powerpoint and Instructional TV.

Staff Development Survey

Of the people responding to our Staff Development Survey, 55% attended 1 or more of the events during the year and another group of people specifically said they couldn't but wanted to. The most common complaint was too many meetings and other things happening over the College hours.... that complaint appeared both in the "events" section and in the Tech Training section

Lots of people want training in Photoshop, PowerPoint, Frontpage, Excel, Gradequick.

The things people requested in the "free text" section are, in order of mention:

  • Web page design
  • Best teaching practices sharing
  • Team building/strategic planning/communication/deal with what's wrong
  • Health/Wellness
  • More Post 9/11 and other authors/speakers
  • Using Technology in the classroom
  • Distance Ed

Specific requests were also made for training in or action on: Dreamweaver, Mac support, Student retention, and Flash/Fireworks.

On Fall Flex Day, workshops will be offered in Web Page Making, Powerpoint and GradeQuick and either Blackboard or WebCT. The schedule for other training sessions through September will be available then.

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