STEM Connections

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Student Assistants

The student assistants in the STEM Center are Learning Connection Scholars.  They provide individual and small group tutoring to students by appointments and on a drop in basis.  They are all recommended by the instructors for the classes in which they excelled in.  They attend a day long orientation at the start of each semester and undergo continuous tutor training throughout their term.  They protect and promote the college's vision to be a learning-centered institution with a culture of thoughtfulness and academic excellence, committed to creating a community of lifelong learners. The student assistants in the STEM Center are not only tutors, but also ambassadors of STEM.  They support our vision to work along side students as they take their steps through STEM.  They represent the diverse backgrounds and disciplines within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields of study.  They captivate and maintain their fellow students taking STEM courses with their thorough explanations, relatable examples, and encouraging stories. 

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The Chabot College STEM faculty have many diverse areas of expertise and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students.  Many of the faculty members are also key contributors to influential organizations or have established careers at prominent businesses.  They have the necessary discussions inside and outside of the classroom with students, fellow faculty members, staff, administrators, and advocates for education everywhere in support of the resolutions of the institution and the STEM Center to increase and retain STEM students. Organizing STEM curricula with career preparation, they ingratiate themselves into the lives of students and thus the STEM Center by providing inspiration for independent learning.  Some of the STEM faculty members hold their office hours in the STEM Center and some provide additional tutoring on a drop-in basis in the center.  They are essential to the development of well-rounded, critical thinking students. 

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Campus Learning Resources

Learning Connection

The Learning Connection (LC), located of the bottom floor of building 100, in room 108, is a supportive environment that serves to enhance student learning.  Their Center for Teaching and Learning offers instructors professional development experiences through workshops and forums that are designed to improve students' abilities to connect course materials to real-life scenarios and engage in solving real-world problems.  It offers students support in all subjects through free drop-in tutoring, quiet and clean study spaces, computers programmed with language learning software, and literature for reading and writing.  Students that utilize the resources offered at the Learning Connection build not only their understanding in the subjects for which they seek assistance in, but also cohorts that provide a support base throughout and beyond students' matriculation. 


The Chabot College library is housed on the top floor of building 100 in the heart of the campus.  It offers numerous resources including books, media, and equipment.  Students can rent laptops, iPads, MacBooks, cameras, and voice recorders to utilize for their various projects.  The library also offers, not only has spaces for both collaborative and quiet studying, but also a makerspace with craft supplies, games, 3D pens and more.  The knowledgeable staff are on hand to support students, faculty, and staff with researching information in books, databases, E-books, and websites, for which they have developed techniques for deciphering and filtering fake news.  The library is an awesome resource for study and research. 

Disabled Students Resource Center

The Disabled Students Resource Center (DSPS) is nestled between the cafeteria, bookstore, gym and medical assisting classrooms in building 2400.  The DSPS serves as a platform to empower students with physical, communicative, psychological, and learning disabilities through adaptive equipment and supportive services.  Their facility has tutors that students can interact with in-person, online, and on the phone, and a High Tech Center with computer software converts between speech and text.  Their specialized staff provide counseling for academic success and guidance to supportive services on and off the Chabot College campus.  Ultimately, the DSPS is an excellent resource for students in need of accommodations on the unique paths to becoming independent learners and contributing citizens of their local and global communities.