Student Assistants


Alexandro Ochoa Profile Pic

Alexandro Ochoa - Math & Chemistry Tutor

Alex currently is attending Chabot College for the second year, working diligently to obtain an engineering physics degree. With this degree, he wants to ultimately fulfill his lifelong dream of having a career in space exploration. He has been a tutor in the STEM Center for three semesters now, in the subjects of both math and chemistry.  For Alex, tutoring is a wonderful and rewarding experience.  He uses the opportunity to tutor to improve his communication skills and sharpen his technical knowledge in both mathematics and chemistry.  For Alex, the content of math and chemistry are especially exciting and tutoring gives him an outlet to express this excitement with others.  He loves meeting new people with diverse backgrounds and is happy to make new friends of many of the patrons that he sees regularly in the center.  His hope is to make his excitement contagious! 


Daynolin Feliciano Profile Pic

Daynolin Feliciano - Statistics Tutor


Daynolin Feliciano-Santos is a first year tutor and she tutors in Statistics. She attended Kapolei High School and Leeward Community College in Hawaii. In 2015 she moved to California for more opportunities and now attends Chabot College. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts and traveling. Daynolin also enjoys going to movies and hanging out with her friends. She has volunteered at many doctors offices and a few hospitals and is looking to transfer to a university. Daynolin is looking to major in Nursing or History for an eventual move to Law school.


Kate Leal Profile Pic

Kate Leal - Anatomy & Biology Tutor

Kate has attended Chabot College since the Fall semester of 2014. Since then, she has been pursuing Nursing as her major because she herself encountered compassionate nurses in hospitals that had taken good care of her own loved ones in their times of need. For their compassion, Kate feels she owes her inspirations to those nurses and the other healthcare attendants that also continually share their passion for their work. She was recommended to be an English tutor and actually began in the WRAC center at Chabot in the Spring of 2016. During that time, she began to take the science courses for her major. Later on,  Kate was recommended to be a Biology tutor and began the Fall of 2017. Soon after, she was also qualified and approved to be an Anatomy tutor for the Spring of 2018. Thus far, Kate feels her experience as tutor has humbled her and gives her constant motivation to be a better supporter for this learning community.

Lily Wong Profile Pic

Lily Wong - Chemistry Tutor

Lily is a nutritional science major with intentions of improving food quality to improve health and prevent disease. She is currently in her third semester as a chemistry tutor, and she considers it to be a very great privilege. Lily says "chemistry is the foundation of many science majors." Her initial strategy for studying chemistry was to blindly memorize the ideas and formulas presented; but when she began to visualize and connect concepts, she found a new appreciation for the extraodinary world we live in.  Lily enjoys tutoring chemistry, and her goal is to help students understand the concepts they learn by helping them make the connections too. Other than tutoring chemistry, she enjoys cooking, being surrounded by nature, and reading.