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Campus Posting

General Posting Regulations

The posting, distributing or disseminating of printed materials that advertise, publicize or otherwise provide notice of activities, events or information are subject to the following regulations:

  • Certain bulletin boards have been designated for open community use.  These boards are clearly labeled and are cleared every Friday.  Reposting in these spaces for multiple weeks is permitted. 

  • Posting on boards not labeled "For Community Use" can only be done with appropriate approval.

  • Except as specified in these guidelines, no printed material may be placed on or against, attached to, or written on any structure or natural feature of the campus, such as, but not limited to doors, windows, building walls, walkways, roads, posts, fences, waste receptacles, trees, plants elevators, or shelters.

  • Any printed material deemed to be slanderous, libelous, obscene, offensive or pornographic will not be accepted for posting.

  • All printed materials written in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.

  • No printed materials may be left unattended on campus grounds or inside campus buildings without prior permission of the Director of Student Life or the Dean responsible for the building.

  • Publicity may not be affixed to or left on cars in Chabot College parking lots.

Student Life Bulletin Boards, Kiosks, and Electronic Signs

Chabot College Recognized Student Organizations, campus divisions, and affiliated programs are welcome to post in specified Student Life kiosks, display cases, and electronic signs within the following procedures and requirements.

  • Posting Procedures

    • Electronic copies of flyers should be submitted for approval by emailing life@chabotcollege.edu.  You will a response via email within 3 business days. 

    • For sustainability and visibility purposes we highly recommend utilizing electronic signs for your advertisements.  Electronics ads must be submitted in PDF format.

    • You will be responsible for printing your own copies.  Copies of  approved designs (up to 10) can be delivered to the Student Life office (Building 2300, room 2355) for distribution.

    • Once submitted, approved copies will be stamped and posted by Student Life within 2 business days.

    • Flyers will remain posted until the Friday after your event and will be removed by Student Life.

  • Additional Requirements

    • Due to space limitations we ask that printed ads be a maximum size of 8-1/2 x 11.
    • All printed materials must indicate the name of sponsoring individuals, department or registered club or organization as well as contact information of the primary organizer.
    • A publicity materials must include an accessibility statement providing a name, contact information, and a deadline to request accessibility accommodations.  Recommended deadline is 15 working days prior to your event.

      Example - "[Name of Sponsoring Organization] welcomes all persons with disabilities and will make reasonable accessibility accommodations upon request.  To request accommodations, please contact [name of organizer] at [phone number and/or email] by [date 15 days prior to your event]."


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