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Technology Plan

Feedback for Instructional Lab Plan

Goal: Provide and support labs to meet student and instructional needs.


  • Ensure computers have software installed that meet the needs of students and instruction.
  • Maintain and/or upgrade network to support high bandwidth applications and new technologies (wireless, satellite feed, etc.)
  • Provide streaming audio/video and desktop video conferencing services
  • Labs should be multimedia equipped, defined as including a data projector, VCR, Digital Video disc player, dimmable lighting, speakers, smart-board, and an overhead projector.
  • Labs minimally equipped with a laser printer, color printer, CD/RW drive, DVD+/- RW drive, scanner, and a multimedia care reader.
  • Provide remote access online lab stations where necessary.
  • Maintain up to date hardware and software standards
  • Provide appropriate technology to stay current with industry practices and transfer institutions.
  • Develop and publish plans for the systematic addition and replacements of technology equipment
  • Optimize lab operations and hours to match program requirements and student needs.
  • Communicate current information about technology services and lab hours to all students
  • Provide access to assistive technology for students with disabilities in computer labs and in the library as necessary.
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