Classes Cancelled and College Offices Closed

Classes are being cancelled effective immediately due to poor regional air quality. All college and district offices are closed today, November 11, except for LPC Middle College, and essential operations such as security/police and critical IT operations.

Air quality will be monitored and decisions on any further action, including the status for Friday, November 16, 2018 will be forthcoming.

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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday 10/25/11 12-1pm


  Kurt Shadbolt, Nancy Cheung, Scott Hildreth, Gordon Watt, Mike Seaton, Lynn Klein, Norm Buchwald, Lisa Ulibarri, Rachel Ugale, Catherine Powell, Jeannine Methe (District ITS CTO), Zarir Marawala (Chair)

The meeting was called to order at 12:02 pm.  The following business was conducted:

The committee unanimously voted to haveZarir Marawala to Chair of the TC for the academic year.

The Committee was asked to pick a topic of interest in the Technology Plan on the website and review a portion, making changes where necessary to bring it up to date.

The Committee was asked for a volunteer to serve as alternate to represent the Chair at PRBC meetings.  The volunteer would have go to PRBC meetings on Wed for the end of the calendar year as Zarir has classes on Wed afternoons.  Lynn Klein volunteered and will receive guidance as needed from Catherine and Gordon as they are also on PRBC for other committees.   

The Chair proposed to institute a sign up sheet for any impromptu statements to the TC that would require some time (3 - 10 minutes).  The  plan was to give time to all who sign up and those who were not accommodated would be placed on an agenda item for the next meeting in 2 weeks.  The proposal was unanimously approved by the  TC.

TC expressed the need for all departments (divisions in academics and classified staff) to be send a representative to TC. 

Catherine Powell, as chair of Staff Development, brought forward a request for input regarding the draft recommendations put out by the Student Success Task Force, noting that out that section 2.3 of the report has to do with the development and use of technology as a means to provide support for students.  She asked that if we had feedback, to post our comments at

A course was set for the newly convened TC using valuable contributions of ideas from the committee members - the course being to make TC a dynamic unit that has an integral part in many areas around the campus that involve a technology feature.  We determined that TC will take a more assertive role in assessing the feasibility of technology requests by individual faculty or department the goal being to provide the best way to facilitate a request. TC would dedicate a good portion of this academic year to charting a course for technology requests that would be a form outlining needs, goals, intended achievements using the technology being requested. This topic will be discussed in parts throughout the year until a TC form can be created with the appropriate policy to back it. The above policy and form are necessary to fulfill the Accreditation Team’s recommendations for the college with regards to technology. 

Members discussed the need for TC input to be in Program Review, budgeting technology items (hardware and software), Facilities Maintenance (as in power supply for new computers, etc)

George Railey (VP) will spend 10 - 15 minutes at start of next meeting (11/8) on Waitlisting and answer questions on Accredition issues.

Meeting adjourned 12:55 pm.  Next meeting 11/8/2011  at noon in 3902 unless advised otherwise.


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