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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  11/09/10 12-1pm

1. Chabot Website
2. Web Advisory Committee
3. WiFi (Spectator Article)
4. Software/hardware needs for faculty
5. Wimba Voice


Technology Committee Minutes, Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010

Present:  Rachel Ugale, Jeannine Methe, Lisa Ulibarri, Gordon Watt, Catherine Powell, Ramona Silver, Arlene DeLeon, Sujoy Sarkar, Cedric Pounds, Mark Smythe, Mike Sherburne, Tom Clark, Caren Parrish, Mike Seaton, Katherine Tollefsen, Nancy Cheung, Chasity Whiteside, Kathleen Allen, Yulian Ligioso, George Railey, Norman Buchwald, Timothy Dave, Jim Baum.

Meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m. by committee chair Jim Baum.

I.  Approval of Minutes:  Motion to approve the minutes of the October 12, 2010 meeting as written was made by Norman Buchwald and seconded by Ramona Silver.  Motion passed unanimously.

Vice President Ligioso asked to make three adjustments to the minutes of the September 28, 2010 meeting.  He asked that his title (Vice President of Administrative Services) be added after his name on the list of attendees.  He also asked that the minutes reflect in item #6 that he had made the suggestion to ask Jeannine Methe to the upcoming meeting.  Lastly, in item #9, he suggested that the list of those mentioned in the meeting as people who helped test the 3.0 design over the summer be listed in the meeting minutes and that even better would be the inclusion of the entire powerpoint presentation given at the meeting in the minutes as supporting documentation.  A motion was made by Vice President Ligioso to amend the minutes of September 28 and was seconded by Arlene DeLeon.  Motion passed unanimously.

II. 3.0 Website

a. Survey:  Jim Baum began the conversation by reminding the committee that the recent tech survey sent out had been sent out under his authority only and not under the umbrella of the tech committee and that he again apologizes for the negative fallout.  Catherine Powell said that she wanted to speak on the issue from the perspective of SEIU, as she is the site VP for Chabot.  She said that she did not want to belabor the point but wants to make sure that the committee understands why it was felt so strongly that it is not appropriate to gather information about the performance of individuals and then circulate that information via district email.  She mentioned that she understood that this was not Jim's intent, but that it was the unfortunate result and that we cannot undo the fact that people read that email and thus took in those inappropriate assessments of classified employees' work.  She wants to make sure that any future surveys go through the Office of Institutional Research.  Jim indicated that that would be the case. Mark Smythe, SEIU chapter president, mentioned that additionally it was inappropriate to have a anonymous postings with negative feedback regarding specific employees.  Vice Chancellor Methe indicated that the impact of this is that the outcomes revolving around the survey deeply hurt and concerned employees who work very hard to meet the needs of the various entities in the district and give 100% on a daily basis. She stated that we all want to return to the collaborative spirit that moves work forward in a positive manner.

b. Web Advisory:  The Web Advisory committee met on Tuesday, October 26 after the Flex Day activities.  It was a very productive meeting and a lot of movement forward has taken place since that meeting, including the BETA site being posted on Friday, November 5.  Jim, on behalf of the committee, will make sure that all who need to be part of this committee will be included   In fact, an email will go out from Jim to everyone on campus asking for input and participation in this advisory committee.  It was confirmed that this committee is a subcommittee of the Technology Committee and will report back to the Technology Committee.  Those who choose to join the Web Advisory Committee will not be required to join the Technology Committee. 

Vice President Railey indicated that the recommendation from the Accreditation Team's October 2009 visit which references technology at the college (Recommendation 4) will be an initiative that needs a committee and a chair as we prepare for our report in 2012.

Mark, in reference to the Tech Plan's "Current Environment" statement that "Chabot’s website is primarily a static website with useful information but few interactive capabilities" wonders what that means.  Jeanine gave examples of a few interactive aspects of the website, including Classweb, and online tutorials sites

Tom Clark mentioned that it will be important look at the sub-areas of web content that required specialized input and knowledge and to look for representation from areas such as A&R and Counseling to give that feedback.

Some areas of 3.0 that have already been updated include the Events link, the Register for Classes (Classweb) link, the Online Students Link and the Emergency Info link.  Ramona suggested adding the Library to the Quick Links.

Yulian mentioned that the link to the BETA site will be open until November 29 and that the next web advisory meeting is November 30, so we would want to advertise for new members in time for them to be on board by the 30th.

III.  WIFI (Spectator article):

In a recent editorial in the school newspaper, the student perspective of where WIFI is lacking was discussed.  Upon reading the article, Mark Smythe went around campus to check connections and reported back that he was able to connect in the CSSC, the Quad, building 800 and the Library. In 800, he noted that he was not able to connect in the balcony but was able to connect in other parts of the building.  It was noted that the editorial states that we are behind in this technology, but in actuality we have invested a fair amount of resources in this area and are actually ahead of the curve in providing this technology.  Mark and Catherine will contact the editor of the Spectator in order to bring more information to the staff as well as help seek out information as to the locations she found to be lacking.

Ramona indicated that the second floor of the Instructional Office Building is one location that does not receive regular service.  Gordon discussed the importance of indicating where in college buildings the WiFi will be placed.  Currently, it is located in areas that are mainly "public" and that offices for employees are hard wired.  One of our goals will be to know how to plan for the growth of these locations.  Chabot Computer Support site has a map of the current locations, and it is noted that 25 more connections are on order. It was suggested that a team, being sure to include students, look into placing future connections.

IV. Wimba Voice:

Jeannine indicated that there had been a request from Ramona Silver and Caren Parrish to look in to the possibility of using Wimba Voice.  She indicated that it is a very expensive technology but that there are alternatives that can be used.  CCC Confer can be used with Illuminate Live for free.  Another option is Google Voice, but this has limited capabilities.  Caren indicated the needs of World Languages and Communication faculty to have audio for their online coursework. She also expressed the limitations she has experienced with Blackboard and wondered if or when a needs assessment could take place so that other possible alternatives for course management software could be discussed. Jeanine discussed how a faculty-led group made the decision to use Blackboard several years back and that a subcommittee of the COOL committee could be formed to look into this subject.  

Meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Powell


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