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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  11/22/11 12-1pm

Members in attendance:

Gordon Watt, Jeannine Methe, Kurt Shadbolt, Lisa Ulibarri, Lynn Klein, Minta Winsor, Nancy Cheung, Rachel Ugale, Ramona Silver, Scott Hildreth, Tim Dave, Norman Buchwald, Zarir Marawala (Chair)

Guests in attendance:  Tram VoKumamoto (Dean, Science & Math), Mary Dermody (Faculty, CAS).

Meeting started with Jeannine Methe going over questions on wireless access points map for the campus.  She stated that these would be made available campus wide. It was decided that the map can be put on the TC website.   The issue of IP addresses and bandwidth were briefly discussed.   Jeannine suggested that perhaps a brief notation of the building area of emphasis next to the number would make for a more helpful key for the wireless map as in CC2800 PE or CC2100 Biology etc. TC members agreed. In addition, after the FAQs, it was suggested to list all the Chabot buildings on campus and to put an "*" by those buildings that have wireless access points so that staff can readily identify the other remaining buildings that might need to have wireless added in the future.

In Ken Grace's absence, the Chair brought up the issue of the access points not be available past the swimming pool on the map thus, in effect, leaving out access for faculty/students who would be out on the PE grounds.  Jeannine and Gordon Watt explained that this was a logistical issue that may be remedied upon completion of the new Fitness building 4000.  Building 2800 already has  wireless access.  But the issue raised by Ken would need to be put in the facilities plan. Construction costs were also brought up.  Gordon Watt suggested that a discussion with Doug Horner and Facilities Management may be approached regarding the possibility of using some monies if left over from other construction of buildings that can be used for this issue.  Ken's concern (in his absence) that access to the Internet was dictated by statute, not just a request was also noted.  More will be brought up on this issue at a later time.

Our rep. to PRBC Lynn Klein mentioned that viruses/malware in computers were an issue there as well and with TC (see next paragraph).  She also noted that PRBC was given feedback from student surveys that students preferred  a more personal approach to getting their opinion than in a "bubble in" method.

Dean VoKumamoto very graciously donated her floor time to a faculty who came with great concern over her courses in Computer Science. Mary Dermody expressed her concern over the fact that her computers were not operational due to various issues especially virus and other software concerns.  She acknowledged that our Computer Support team works hard to get to everyone but felt that the response time was not helping her run her classes and with finals around the corner, students may have a lot of problems using the school computers in the condition they are in at present.  She expressed a desire to have some control - some administrative rights over her computers as a faculty member.  Mary's concerns were acknowledged and empathized with but the reality that faculty are not given administrative rights to their computers in their areas were brought up. Scott expressed the need for a better turn around time especially when faculty like Mary come to us in these dire situations were a course is left hanging before finals due to lack of computer support due to shortage of personnel.  Gordon Watt was concerned that part of the turnaround time may be a communication issue.   Zarir expressed the concern that some local computers in the Biology department took as much as a semester plus in the past, recognizing that the computer support team needed more help. 

Tim further expressed his frustration that some faculty have had access to their computers in their area (citing himself as an example) and that some transparency was in order.  Zarir brought up that his discussion with George Railey (VP) has been one of leaving the control of computers to the district and instead emphasizing the need for better computer support turn around time.  The issue of Classified Union having a say in faculty having administrative rights to computers in their own areas was also raised as a concern. 

Jeannine mentioned that District ITS is supportive of granting certain access rights for instructional software, as long as we still adhere to the vendor license requirements and maintain system stability.  The Deans with their faculty need to work with the Chabot VPs George Railey and Rita Brown (who is in charge of Mike Seaton's group) to coordinate with the classified IT staff and faculty on what arrangements would be acceptable to both groups.  Jeannine noted that similar arrangements have already been made on a case by case basis with specific faculty to update their instructional software such as with Tim and Scott for Physics/Astronomy as well as Kurt for Automotive.  In these cases, the college IT staff still install the standard administrative software to guarantee system standardization and compatibility with our enterprise systems.  Then the faculty representatives install and/or update their special instructional software, which is unique to their discipline.  These specific faculty have agreed to comply with the existing legal procedures in coordination with the college IT staff for the tracking and storage of all vendor software that resides on our workstations and servers.   These arrangements were made individually between the faculty members involved and the college IT staff involved, who both mutually agreed, and future expansions of these agreements should be reviewed in the same manner on a case by case basis.

In keeping with these discussions and what Jeannine had just revealed, it appeared that a simple, straightforward protocol needs to be publicly issued so that faculty understand that there is in fact a pathway to gaining access to their computers to install their instructional software that is unique to their area.  This pathway would require agreement among the VP, area Dean, the faculty of the area involved and representative(s) of the Classified Union.  The District's interest as per Jeannine was to make sure that vendor software legal requirements were being strictly followed and enforced, and that the Classified Union was aware and in agreement with these issues involving faculty's administrative rights to their computers.  Tram added that faculty administrative rights that could alter computers used in general areas like the library or affect the intranet would be less likely to be granted than rights for use of computers in their local areas as in Physics.  Jeannine acknowledged that  the Physics department and the access their faculty members have to their computers are a good model and that perhaps we should follow that model.

Zarir mentioned that the letter he had sent out to the TC members  re:   question from TC to ask the Presidential candidates could now be done as a question during the forum if there were volunteers who would go to those hour long forums which would be on a Monday afternoon when Zarir was in class.  Tim Dave volunteered to stay for the Presidential forums so that the same question could be posed to each of the candidates.  The question would be the one (in essence) that was expressed in the draft letter to Dr. Irwin that was sent to the TC for review before the Presidential forum  was announced.

Zarir respectfully reminded the group that we still should have people for the various Task Forces picking the topics that would be of interest to them—see previous communication.  These topics were left overs from the previous committee members but they are still applicable today.

Dean Tram VoKumamoto's discussion on STEM will be rescheduled for another time. 

The meeting ended with Zarir asking the members to bring a mockup/draft of what they would want to see in a form that would start to weave requests for technology to TC in with PRBC, Budget committee, Facilities, COOL and Curriculum Committee (as needed).  The goal is to start the discussion next meeting and pick it up on the flip side of winter holidays.


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