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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  1/25/11 12-1pm



In Attendance:

Jim Baum (chair), Kurt Shadbolt, Arlene DeLeon, Ramona Silver, Norman Buchwald, Katherine Tollefsen, Abdullah Yahya, Tom Clark, Chasity Whiteside, Jeannine Methe, Rachel Ugale, Lisa Ulibarri, Minta Winsor, Christina Moon, Minta Winsor

Meeting came to order at 12:05 the committee reviewed and approved the minutes.

The next order of business was membership, (list attached) the chair had sent out an e-mail campus wide to find out who was and was not a member of the committee. People that responded were put on the list. Jeannine Methe protested that district should be on the list, Jim explained that in the shared governance document it says you must be a constituent of Chabot College. Jeannine then told the committee that they were supposed to be Ex-Officio members. Jim said he didn’t see that in the document, but would check into it. Jeannine then told us that is the way LPC does it, so we should be doing it the same way. Jeannine would not allow us to vote, so we tabled it til the next meeting.  

The next  order of business was the 3.0 web report. Jim explained that he worked on the report with some of the tech committee members. He felt that we as the tech committee felt we owed the rest of Chabot an explanation of what our investigation found to be the facts related to the release and subsequent removal and the re-launch of the 3.0 website. Jim suggested that we check for accuracy, and than if approved, we could post it on the tech committee website.  Jeannine interrupted to give her opinion, she said if we posted this to the website, that Chabot administration would be forced to act. She went on to express her opinion. Jim asked her to wait until we got through the report to comment. She did not wait and kept speaking, Jim asked her numerous times to please wait until she was recognized, but she refused. Jeannine and Jim argued back and forth for a while. Jim finally tabled the agenda item to such time as we could talk about it un-interrupted.

Arlene DeLeon asked for a motion to just forget about the whole 3.0 incident so we could move forward with other pressing business. Jim asked for  a motion to drop the whole 3.0 web incident and move on. Arlene made the motion, Jim asked for a second. No one responded. The motion was dropped.

The next order of Business was the SARS Scheduling Service. Ramona let us know that it had been taken care of. Jim said that is great, any comments. Ramona gave us a report.

The next order of business was a follow up of the spectator article on wi-fi to see if it had been brought to a close. Arlene reported that we were waiting for a reply from the author of the article.

The next order of business was limited computer admin rights for faculty and staff.

We need to put a plan together to present.


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