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Classes are being cancelled effective immediately due to poor regional air quality. All college and district offices are closed today, November 11, except for LPC Middle College, and essential operations such as security/police and critical IT operations.

Air quality will be monitored and decisions on any further action, including the status for Friday, November 16, 2018 will be forthcoming.

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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  2/22/11 12-1pm



Attendees:  George Railey (acting chair), Abdullah Yahya, Rachel Ugale, Gordon Watt, Jeannine Methe, Katherine Tollefsen, Chasity Whiteside, Caren Parrish, Nancy Cheung, Kathleen Allen. 

VP George Railey led the meeting.  VP Railey discussed the Accreditation Work Plan Time Line and distributed a handout.  The Mid-term Report is due October 2012 and each group responsible for specific sections will begin writing drafts of the mid-term report this Fall 2011.  The Chabot Technology Committee will have to be included in the work that needs to be done on Recommendation 4.    Some Recommendation Committees and chairs have already been determined for other sections of the Accreditation.  VP Railey emphasized that this Accreditation action is one of the primary tasks that the Technology Committee needs to focus on.  He indicated that he would cover this topic again at the next meeting to make sure everyone understood the process that needs to be followed. 

VP Railey also went over the charge of the Institutional Technology Committee, as defined in the shared governance document.  One of the charges of the committee ties in directly with what is recommended for accreditation:  to identify, prioritize, and review technology needs with regard to network infrastructure, staffing, funding, and equipment capacities.  How this charge ties in with the Program Review process needs to be included in the Technology Plan.  Since the Technology Plan was written in 2008, it now needs to be updated and kept current.  He also pointed out that the committee needs more faculty representatives from each academic division, as well as representation by Associated students.

VP Railey polled the committee members and all agreed that at the next meeting, March 8, a new chair for the committee will be chosen.

The committee discussed past projects that had been reviewed in the Technology Committee, but no action had been taken.  Caren Parrish brought up that the problem now is that with no money, we can’t get what we want.  For example, she needed Wimba voice for Blackboard, but the cost was too much.  As an alternative, Lisa Ulibarri is looking at Google Voice and Eluminate/CCCConfer which do not cost extra.  Caren also expressed a concern that projects are brought up in the meetings, but nothing is done and she wants to see things actually implemented.  Caren mentioned some of the previous projects such as Texting products and online counseling.   Caren suggested to go back and find the “top 10” past projects.

Abdullah Yahya commented that he had presented a texting product to the committee, but members wanted to look at other choices to find the best option for the best price or fee.  However, there was no follow up on that topic. 

Jeannine Methe suggested that with all the budget issues, we need to think about what we can automate, using software that we already have.  The scheduling system for the online tutoring program that Rachel Ugale and Chasity Whiteside developed using eSars is one such example.  Some other systems that have been installed and that staff are now looking at how they can use them are the Room Scheduling for academic and event scheduling and Degree Works for counseling.   We would like to engage the faculty and staff more and hear from them what challenges they face and what we could do to help automate current manual processes.   One new project that staff has asked ITS about recently is “sharing documents” electronically, which we can talk about in future meetings. 

The group agreed that we should start with a new project list of what’s currently needed.  Abdullah indicated that he would add the “texting” project.  Gordon Watt wanted to include the Ricoh copiers/scanning since that is of great interest to faculty and staff.  Jeannine suggested some other future topics that District ITS could report on include Document Management, Waitlist, and Video Conferencing. 

Abdullah Yahya volunteered to create a webpage to list all the projects and their status, so it will be easier to keep track of what’s being done.  VP Railey suggested that we create a simple project status webpage with four columns:  project, contact, date, status.  VP Railey suggested that we bring a current list of projects to discuss at the next meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 8. 


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