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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  3/22/11 12-1pm


1. Document Sharing and Document Management Presentation. Jeannine Methe and Eric Stricklen (20 Minutes)

2. On which tasks/items does the Technology Committee wish to move forward with at this point in the semester? (10 Minutes)

3. Search for a permanent Chair for the Technology Committee. (10 Minutes)

4. Your item here.


Minutes: (submitted by R. Silver)

(Attendees: Ramona Silver (Interim Chair), Kathleen Allen, Jim Baum, Nancy Cheung, Norman Buchwald, Tim Dave, Arlene Deleon, Scott Hildreth, Cristina Moon, Caren Parrish, Vice President George Railey, Milton Rube, Kurt Shadbolt, Mike Sherbourne, Eric Stricklen, Rachel Ugale, Lisa Ulibarri, Lani Wilson, Chasity Whiteside and Minta Winsor)

1. Document Sharing: Eric Stricklen gave a presentation on using the Zone in connection with Google documents so that faculty can share handouts/documents with their students. He also demonstrated, "Group Studio" , which is a feature where committees, groups and clubs can have a virtual site to post announcements to each other, post documents, and other items. Both Google document sharing and Group Studio will be available to all faculty very soon. Eric intends to present all of this information to all of the other committees. At that point, these two items will be available to us. Eric and Jeannine Methe will offer a separate presentation to the Technology Committee members all on Document Management at a later date.

2. Technology Committee Tasks/Goals: Ramona Silver has asked the committee members who were present to consider carefully what tasks they feel that the Technology committee needs to accomplish or implement to move forward. Ramona Silver asked the members to bring a list of 3 items/tasks that they feel the committee should consider pursuing to the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday April 12, 2011, in order to plan for the Fall 2011 semester. Ramona Silver asked everyone present to feel free to send their list to her in advance via e-mail.

3. The Technology Committee needs a permanent chair for Fall 2011. Unfortunately, Ramona Silver can only chair a few meetings. Ramona Silver asked the committee if they knew of anyone who would consider chairing the Technology Committee permanently. The committee members will discuss this at the next two meetings.

4. George Railey shared with the Technology Committee the numbers of online classes that will be maintained for the Fall 2011 semester. Vice President Railey will send a list to Ramona Silver so that she can share that list with the COOL members.



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