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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  3/8/11 12-1pm


(1) Nominations for Tech Committee Chair

(2) Accreditation Work Plan Time Line - VP Railey

(3) Electronic Submission Documents for Reproduction - Scott Hildreth

(4) WIFI Status for new locations - CCS

(5) Ricoh Copiers/Scanning - CCS

(6) Electronic Sharing Documents - District ITS (Presentation on options)

(7) Document Management System - District ITS

Minutes: (submitted by R. Silver)

(Attendees: Ramona Silver (Interim Chair), Tim Dave, Scott Hildreth, Jeannine Methe, Cristina Moon, Caren Parrish, Amanda Pisani, Colin Pejman, Vice President George Railey, Mike Seaton, Eric Stricklen, Rachel Ugale, Lisa Ulibarri, Chasity Whiteside and Minta Winsor)

1. The Technology Committee needs an official chair. Ramona Silver has offered to chair the next meeting and for the rest of the semester if needed.  However, the committee may in the future find a person who is willing to be an official chair.  Additionally the committee wants to recruit more members for the committee so that it has a full representation from each of the divisions. 

2.  Vice President George Railey presented to the committee the necessity to create a subcommittee to work on the Accreditation Work Plan for item #4 and part of item #1 of the Accreditation team recommendations.  Vice President Railey submitted a time line of 18 months and an overview to the committee members who were present and he asked for volunteers to serve on this subcommittee.  The whole process will take the sub-committee through Fall 2012.  However, all documentation must be collected by Spring 2011. Our committee requires that we have clearly defined service outcomes that are directly linked to the college wide goals.  Thus we need to identify the service outcomes.  Vice President Railey thanks all who volunteered!  However, there is still a need for a few more people who are willing to participate.

Additionally it was discussed that implementing this process should link to implementing technology program needs for the faculty members. However, it was also noted that faculty members when preparing their own program reviews could also request certain technology items.  For example, both Caren Parrish and Cristina Moon really need Wimba Voice for teaching world languages online.  Additionally, it may be that many of the online faculty and indeed the entire faculty would be able to use Wimba Voice.  Although it is an extremely expensive building block for Blackboard it may be that if more faculty members express a need for it in their program reviews there may be an opportunity or sufficient justification to acquire it at some point in the future. Tim Dave suggests that we need to have representatives attend the Budget meetings. 

3.  Scott Hildreth presented his idea for having faculty submit all copy requests via PDF files to save paper.  Mike Seaton suggested that to implement this he would need to address certain process issues in regard to what forms to use, how to inform faculty when their requests are completed and to facilitate any additional logistical issues.  Mike Seaton stated that it was an idea that could be explored and he stated that he would look into how to achieve this including investigating using account numbers, how to acknowledge receipt of the print job, so that this can be done efficiently.

4.  WIFI Status:  Mike Seaton is still assessing which current sites need to be upgraded and what WIFI sites need to be added.  To date, the locations with WIFI are: 900, 1100, 1500, Counseling Area, 2200, 2000, Path, 2600, 3500, 3400; and our previously established locations; Cafeteria, IOB, Library and Building 800. Mike  Seaton will continue to work on the WIFI and he is sending a message to all faculty to ask for their input. (NOTE: Mike Seaton sent a message to all Chabot faculty regarding the WIFI locations on 3/11/11)

5.  Richo Copiers and Scanning:  There have been some faculty concerns in regard to the slowness of the Richo Copiers.  Professor Caren Parrish discussed the fact that having the additional code requirements makes the process much slower than it should be. Mike Seaton suggested that they are slower because of the code requirements. Caren Parrish stated that this has become a major problem for faculty in her division.  Mike Seaton stated that he would re-examine this problem and he and the committee would also explore ways to amend the coding issue.

6.  Jeannine Methe and Eric Stricklen will present document sharing and document management at our next meeting.  They will be first on the agenda for the 3/22/11 meeting.

7.  Chabot College is eliminating its web-master position:  The committee discussed the detrimental results of this loss.  It was discussed that not having a web master will negatively impact the online learning services and many other web dependent facets of the college.  The committee intends to further investigate how the web-site and its data will be maintained in the future.

Next Technology Meeting Is Scheduled for Tuesday March 22, 2011 at Noon in Room 1506!




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