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Technology Plan

Expanded Questions & Examples

Functional Areas

Division/Program/Area Goals/Strategies/Requirements

Student Access

What particular goals and requirements does your area have for student access to technology, and support for that technology?

Facets of this question include:

  • Are there requirements for student websites?
  • Is there a need to capture student access to technology as WSCH?
  • Do you have requirements for special security features to protect equipment and/or monitor usage?

Examples: Math might have a goal to enhance student success with appropriate use of computer technology available outside of the classroom. Students might need access to a particular software program, e.g. a statistics package, or to a computer with special graphics capabilities.


For each major curriculum unit in the area/division/program, identify any particular goals, strategies, and requirements for specific technologies.

Facets of this question include:

  • Are there requirements for particular platforms (PCs vs Macs)?
  • Are there specific publisher content or curricular materials to be integrated into the standard instruction of classes in your area?
  • Are there plans for hybrid or online courses in this area?

Examples: Physics and Astronomy require computers for the discussion and laboratory sections to do both local and online simulations. Nursing requires videoconferencing equipment in classrooms and labs to tie into local hospitals. Language Arts requires student collaborative writing software for the composition classes.

Staff Development

To take advantage of current and future technologies, identify staff training goals, strategies, and requirements.

Facets of this question include:

  • How will adjunct faculty be informed about and instructed as to the equipment and technology?
  • Are there standards for use of existing equipment that must be shared with new faculty?
  • Will division/program/area specific webpages be created and maintained?

Examples: To support the use of videoconferencing equipment, Nursing faculty need to be shown how the equipment works and might be used for additional modes of instruction. Full-time and adjunct faculty planning to use Blackboard to teach already approved online classes will need ongoing instruction. Content Coordinators for webpages will need time and training on mechanisms for page creation and deployment.

Virtual Community

Are there goals, strategies, and requirements to support particular communities of learners or users within this area/division/program? For example, in Nursing linking nursing students and faculty at the campus and the hospitals where they work, or in ISLS linking current and former students, or in Puente linking current students and community mentors?


What is the planning process within the area/division/program that identifies the technology needs, and how are those needs prioritized within the program and the division?

Facets of this question include:

  • If a program review has been done, what technology requirements were identified?
  • When competing interests are evaluated relative to limited funding, how important are technology requirements?
  • As building renovation plans funded by Measure B bonds emerge, how will participants identify technology requirements and propose solutions?

Tech Support

What particular tech support requirements, for staff, faculty, and/or students are required to be successful? What are the goals for this support, the strategies to identify it and how it should be used, and the requirements?

Examples: To support a division lab with Macintosh computers, the Chabot Spectator team requires time, attention, and funding for replacement parts. For Nursing faculty using the proposed hospital link videoconferencing system, tech support is required for immediate setup and problem determination/identification/resolution.

Network Support

What particular networking support requirements, for staff, faculty, and/or students are required to be successful? What are the goals for this support, the strategies to identify it and how it should be used, and the requirements?

Examples: In physics, three wireless lab areas have been established that require support. Other areas have webservers that need to be coordinated within the overall campus network.

Computer Labs

Are there particular computer labs in this area/division/program that have unique technology needs?

Facets of this question include:

  • Are there specific goals for this lab, in terms of growth? Staffing? Availability?
  • Are there specific types of equipment (Macs, plotters, etc.) that require additional support?
  • Do the students using these computers require access to CD burners, or color printers?

Examples: The Library & Learning Resources Center has a general-purpose student computer lab, accessible to everyone on campus. How will installation of new equipment, upgrades, and support be managed? In Machine Tool technology, a program-specific lab is maintained by individual faculty. What future unique interfaces will be anticipated for new equipment?

Equipment & Facilities

Are there specific requirements for computers (advanced hardware or software), printers, servers, and other computer technologies located in classrooms used by your area or discipline? What about for particular rooms or facilities?

Examples: The Planetarium requires specialized video projection capability as well as an internal computer network supporting AV devices. Mass Communication uses the TV studio; what future requirements for this facility and its equipment have been identified?


Are there particular networking requirements, including real-time links to other institutions, streaming audio/video, satellite programming?

Facets of this question include:

  • Will there be any requirements to extend videoconferencing facilities to other classrooms?
  • Are there opportunities to link to industry or CSU Hayward or UC with synchronous video/audio/web connections?

Examples: Nursing Faculty will use ISDN videoconferencing lines to support their hospital link from current classrooms. Would extending these to larger lecture halls be needed in the future?

Media Services

(none available)

Other Technologies

Are there additional (non-computer) technologies unique to the area, division, or program that need to be addressed? What is the particular strategic plan for this equipment – maintenance, replacement, upgrade?

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