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Core Representatives

Committee Chair: Nathaniel Rice, Disabled Student Programs and Services


  • Andy Wells, Chemistry
  • Brian Beard, Geography, Instructional Assistant
  • Caren Parrish, Language Arts
  • Chasity Whiteside, Administrative Services, Executive Assistant
  • Craig Shira, Reprographics
  • Cristina Moon, Language Arts
  • Don Plondike, Geography
  • Gordon Watt, Chabot ITS
  • Jeannine Methe, Chabot-Los Positas College District CTO
  • Kelly Meadow, Library Services
  • Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Design
  • Mike Seaton, Chabot ITS
  • Minta Winsor, Online Learning, Coordinator
  • Najla Abrao, Science and Math
  • Norman Buchwald, Library Services
  • Rachel Ugale, Student Services Technology Specialist
  • Rick Moniz, History
  • Wanda Wong, Applied Technology and Business
  • Wing Kam, Chabot Webmaster
  • Zarir Marawala, Biology

Student Representative(s):

  • David Truelove
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