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Technology Plan - Computer Replacement, Upgrade & Maintenance

Current Environment

Technology Services provides all faculty and staff members with a computer for their work area. The current standard of the College provides for a minimum configuration of a Pentium IV, 3000 MHz computer system with most faculty, staff and student labs possessing systems with a Pentium IV, 3000 MHz processor or better. Faculty also have the option of using Apple Macintosh computers, and some student labs in the Arts and Humanities Division are stocked with Macs as well. The College has been able to maintain currency in student computer labs by purchasing newer technology for these labs and taking the older machines, which in most cases are newer than those used by the College's employees, and passing them on to the offices of College employees based on need. Part-time employees and adjunct faculty have access to campus computers in the faculty/staff training room and computer lab (known informally as The Hub), which offers eight PCs, three G5 Macs, and a networked printer for use by both full-time and part-time employees. Full-time and part-time employees also have access to computers in most of the open labs within the College. Networked printers are placed in student computer labs and in other areas where they can serve multiple users. Individual printers are limited to those employee offices in which a larger workgroup printer would not be cost effective. Chabot IT has been certified to repair Gateway computers that are under warranty and to receive payment from the vendor for doing so.

Future Plan

Over the last ten years, it has become apparent that computers and their peripherals maintain a functional life of three to four years. Equipment must be replaced on a regular four-year cycle to maintain an adequate level of service to users. A preventative maintenance program is needed to ensure that current equipment meets the four-year functional life set forth by this plan. The College must establish a replacement cycle for older machines, funding replacements through the capital outlay budget instead of relying on passing a bond issue every five years.

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