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Technology Plan - Conclusion

The College's Technology Plan is intended to focus on the technology needs of Chabot College over the next five years. This document will assist in the planning and sculpting of the information technology efforts to an end that is both beneficial and functional for the College. The plan breaks down several important issues and lists recommendations for future enhancements and changes. While some of these issues are already in practice, others require serious planning, preparation, and budget. Overall, the College's technology infrastructure is well positioned for the next five years.

In support of this plan, the College needs to establish a consistent funding process. Funding should be based on a percentage of the College's capital outlay, maintenance, and operational budget. A minimum of 3 percent of the total operating budget should be set aside for technology, maintenance, upgrades, and changes. The College must accept the fact that computer technology has a built-in obsolescence period and must be upgraded regularly. The simple analogy is that computers are like chalk, only more expensive.

This plan should be viewed as a living document. The annual reviews are imperative to the success of this plan and the technological health of the College. The College should continue to rely on and support the Technology Committee and Computer Support Services as they monitor the success of this plan, continue to investigate emerging trends, and update the plan accordingly.

Should the Chabot College Board of Trustees and administration maintain and support technological growth as they have in the past, this College should be well poised to support the academic and administrative goals of our students, staff, faculty, and administration throughout the period covered by this plan and beyond.

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