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Technology Plan - Electronic Mail

Electronic mail allows for the efficient exchange of information regardless of the distance between parties. It has become a collaborative tool that allows colleagues to stay in touch, teachers and students to easily communicate. It also is an excellent way to provide information to large groups of people or to all the employees of the College.

Current Environment

College email is provided using a Novell server with GroupWise clients. All full-time faculty and staff have GroupWise mail accounts, and access is also provided for adjunct faculty and part-time employees. GroupWise is currently deployed district-wide. GroupWise provides collaboration options including calendar, contacts, and tasks. In addition, the Web client for GroupWise allows employees to check their email anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

The College email system is set up with the domain name “chabotcollege.edu.” A standard naming convention for all users has been established as first initial and last name. In the case of duplications, the user’s middle initial is added.

The College has adopted policies for acceptable use of the College's computing facilities. Currently, there is a policy governing use of computers by students, faculty and staff. This policy (Board Policy and Administrative Rules and Procedures 2311) was a strong first step in providing guidelines and structure for overall use of computing resources. A copy of the current policy is located in Appendix A.

There are also “Student Conduct and Due Process Policies” published in the College Catalog (pp. 162-163) which state that a student may be expelled, suspended or placed on probation if they: commit a computer-related crime; or use computing facilities to send obscene or abusive messages.

Future Plan

Chabot College will continue to participate in District discussions concerning improvements to our email system. In response to the need for faculty to have a more efficient way to communicate with their students, the District is in the process of implementing a Web portal that will allow students to have email accounts. Since all college staff will continue to use GroupWise email, the two email systems will interface seamlessly from the user’s perspective.

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