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Technology Plan - Technical Support

Current Environment

Chabot College’s Computer Support consists of three Computer Network Support Specialists II and one Computer Network Support Specialist I, under the supervision of a Senior Instructional Network Systems Specialist (a position not currently filled), led by the Vice President of Business Services. The College's technology infrastructure now includes over 1700 networked computer systems, 26 administrative and instructional servers, one aggregate T-3 line, and two T-1 lines for voice, providing a comprehensive network that includes most of the buildings, offices and classrooms on campus.

Future Plan

Chabot’s technology infrastructure appears to be well-positioned for the next five years, but the same cannot be said for the technology support staff. As the Measure B Bond increases the number of buildings, Technology-Equipped Classrooms, and computer labs, the College will require increased staff to support the new technology in these facilities. We therefore recommend that the following positions be established:

  • Permanent Administrator (i.e. Supervisor of Chabot Computer Support), 100%-12 months
  • Computer Network Support Specialist II, 100%-12 months

There is an immediate need to create and fill the above positions in order not to compromise the level of technology support as the student population and the faculty’s and staff’s needs grow. We also recommend that the College train a small number of faculty or staff members around the campus to have administrative authority to install software. This would provide faculty and staff with a more immediate response to software installation requests and minor maintenance, which would allow IT to focus on more important needs. IT would have final authority to decide who is given administrative rights and under what conditions.

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