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Technology Plan - Telecommunications Network

Current Environment

The College's telecommunications network is a combination of physical connections, hardware, and software that handles voice and data. Voice and data currently operate as separate, autonomous units with the capability of future integration.

The data network consists of Cisco BFR 6509 routers and Cisco Catalyst 3950 series switches, which provide the backbone for a Fast Ethernet network. Internet access is supplied to Chabot College by a dedicated DS3 connection to CENIC. Connection between the buildings is established through Single and Multimode fiber, and category 5 cabling is used within the buildings to provide connectivity to end-user locations. Data lines and Internet access are provided to most student labs, faculty, staff work locations and classrooms. A Cisco PIX firewall is in place at Chabot to protect the systems from outside intrusion and virtual LANs are used within the campus to segment the student access machines from those used by employees. To ensure reliability of the data network, battery backups are installed in key locations to reduce downtime in the event of a power outage. The campus network backbone necessary to maintain our network are attached to battery backups that will provide one hour of uninterrupted run time. Barring a protracted event, this system should be sufficient to outlast most planned or unplanned power interruptions.

The College's voice system infrastructure consists of a Fujitsu 9600 and a new Avaya System phone switch with AVTS voicemail system. The voicemail system is incorporated into each full-time end-user's work location. The voicemail system has several advanced features including selective greetings and phone trees. The campus receives phone service via two T-1 lines used for both inbound and outbound trunks. 1100 DID (Direct Inward Dialing) lines are in place to allow direct calling of extensions from off-campus bypassing both the main number and switchboard.

A battery backup is provided for both the telephone and voicemail systems. This backup will run for about eight hours depending on the system load. Backups of the telephone system settings are done weekly by backing up the settings to tape. The telephone and voicemail systems are backed up monthly and stored in an off-site location.

Chabot Computer Support supports the College's voice network. The District supports the cabling infrastructure for data and is the only entity allowed to install new data lines.

The campus 911 emergency system has been upgraded to provide the actual location of the caller to law enforcement and the 911 operator. All 911 calls are monitored around the clock by the Chabot Campus Safety Department.

A minimal number of wireless access points have been installed on the campus. Currently, the only public wireless access points are the Disabled Students Resource Center, Library, Boardroom, and Cafeteria.

Future Plan

The College's telecommunications network will continue to support the College's mission by providing opportunities for teaching and learning with access to voice, video, and data networks (including Internet access and emerging technologies).

To support the increased number of online class offerings and distance education, the College's data network must be expanded to include a gigabit Ethernet backbone and additional fast Ethernet access to desktop users.

Wireless networks will be deployed for areas of the campus where multiple connections are needed. Our WAN is currently an aggregate of one T-3. We need to install a wireless management system that will allow the IT department to better service and control the wireless infrastructure.

Streaming video is fast becoming a standard in some industries and our college data and video network needs to be in place to support such bandwidth intensive applications.

We need to ensure that off campus sites are connected so that all access is routed through the college firewall for security purposes.

The voice network on the Chabot College campus is sufficient to accommodate some growth on campus. However, should newer hardware become available that would increase the functionality of the telephone system, the College should consider functionality over expansion of the current system.

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