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Technology Plan - Training

Technology training is provided by several areas on the Chabot campus. These services provide faculty, staff, and student technology training on different aspects of technology utilized in on the Chabot Campus.

Current Environment

  • The Hub (Faculty/Staff Computer Lab) is an instructional technology resource computer lab for Chabot College administrators, faculty, and staff. General software assistance and training is provided by an Instructional Assistant in the Hub.
  • Media Services provides training and support for smart classrooms and media equipment. There is also a need for further training in Media Services, which is dependent upon staff availability and proximity (refer to “Media Services” for more information).
  • Chabot Web Services (CWS) is a specialized division of Chabot College that provides web-based technology services for the Chabot campus. CWS offers student, faculty, and staff support for web-based technology needs including the Chabot College website, individual area/division websites, Blackboard, and Online Teaching and Learning.
  • Information Technology Services (District) is comprised of networking/ desktop support, programming, operations, and user support/training staff. We provide service for all administrative and faculty computer users of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. Training offered by ITS include Web for Faculty/ CLASS-Web, The Zone, Groupwise, and Banner.
  • Chabot College Staff Development offers faculty, staff and administrators support for planning or attending enrichment activities, workshops, conferences and training. The Staff Development Committee plans Fall Flex Week and events throughout the year. However, statewide budget cuts for general staff development and technology training have severely limited funding for external conferences and training.

Future Plan

The expansion of training offered is dependent upon budget, current needs of the faculty, staff, and administrators, and availability of staff to provide training. Also a factor, Staff Development funds were cut, especially in regards to technology. These funds are needed to assist and support faculty training for new technologies.

The improvement of technology training requires increased availability of online training as well as improved face-to-face encounters. In addition to the use of software, training should also focus on effective use of technology in the creation of quality courses.

  • All groups will strive to create effective training and support systems for upcoming software upgrades and new technologies.
  • Perform a periodic campus needs assessment and work with Chabot Computer Support, Staff Development to evaluate, select, and implement software for developers to run tests and develop training before it is released for general use. Such an assessment will help to determine the technologies that are most useful for the campus and the degree of need for facilities.
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