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Using Glub Secure FTP

The following instructions show you how to use Glub Secure FTP to log in and edit your website from your own personal computer.

1. Download Certificate
Download this certificate to your computer. You may have to right-click on the download link and selecting "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"
2. Install Certificate
Install the certificate by double-clicking on the file you downloaded and then clicking the "Install Certificate" button. Click "Next" and "Yes" to all options until the certificate is installed.


3. Download Secure FTP Client Software
Go to http://www.glub.com/products/secureftp/ and download the FREE secure FTP client program to your computer and install it. Click "Next" to all options until it's installed.


4. Set Up FTP Client
options 1Run the Secure FTP Client program and enter the following values in the Open Connection dialog box in the Connection tab.

Host Name:
User Name: your username (e.g. jdoe for John Doe)
Password: your password

In the Options tab, enter the following

Security Mode: Implicit SSL
Starting Remote Folder: /thenameofyourfolder/ (e.g. /finaid/ if you have access to edit the financial aid website)
4. Set Grant Options
Click The "Grant Always" button


5. Download, Edit and Upload Files
The left pane shows files in your computer. The right pane shows files on the server. Drag files from the server to your computer, open the files on your computer and edit them in Sharepoint, Dreamweaver or any other web editor and then drag the edited files back to the server.

drag files

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