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Understanding Your Website File Structure

Department Website

Department and division websites that are part of the main Chabot College website typically have the same file and folder structure. In the example below, you can the file and folder structure for the website at /web

screen snapshot of sample website files

Description of Files and Folders

  • images
    The "images" folder is where you store all images for your website. Website images are typically .GIF or .JPG files. Some people place images in the same folder as their website pages or elsewhere. This is a bad practice and results in a disorganized websites and should be avoided. Please put all website images in the "images" folder.

  • index.asp
    This file is a special file that is the home page of your website. It is the first file / page that people see when they go to your website. For example, when people go to /web, they will automatically see the index.asp file at /web/index.asp.

  • localnav.asp
    This file is a special file that contains the left navigation menu of your website as you see on almost all Chabot College website. If you want to add, edit or remove links from your website's menu, you would need to open and edit this file.

  • Other files
    All of the other files in the screen snapshot above are ordinary web pages. The contactus.asp file contains content / information for the Contact Us page and the tutorials.asp file contains tutorials for the Online Tutorials page. You can add, edit and remove pages like these for your website.

PDFs and Word Documents

You may have the need to link to a MS Word or PDF document from your website. Though you can place these types of documents anywhere, it's best practice to group them all in one folder. You can create a "docs" folder to store these types of files just as the "images" folder is used to store all images.

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