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Working with Word Documents and PDF Files

Sometimes you may want to link to a Word document or PDF file for users to download an application or registration form. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions for working with linking to files using MS Sharepoint Designer.

1. Open the "documents" Folder in Your Website In MS Frontpage

In MS Sharepoint Designer, double-click on the "documents" folder as shown below to open the "documents" folder. You may see a list of existing documents in that folder. If you don't already have a documents folder, you can create one. Although you can put documents anywhere, it's best to put them all in a separate "documents" folder.

docs docs
2. Find Your Document on Your Computer
Open Windows Explorer and locate the document you'd like to put on your website. In this example, I'm locating my MS Word Conference Registration Form document with the file name register.doc on my Desktop.

docs on desktop

3. Upload Document
With both MS Sharepoint Designer window and Windows Explorer window open side-by-side, drag the document you want to upload from Windows Explorer (your computer) to MS Sharepoint Designer (the web server) in the "documents" folder as shown below.

drag file to sharepoint

4. Open Web Page
In MS Sharepoint Designer, open the page in which you'd like to place a link to your document. In this example, I've opened the test page. Highlight the text where you want to link to the document, right click and click "Hyperlink".

hyperlink menu 


5. Link to Document
In the Hyperlink box, browse to the document you just uploaded (mine was in the "documents" folder and is called register.doc). Then, click on the file name and click OK.


6. Open Document in a New Window (optional)
If you want the document to open in a new window, click the "Target Frame" button and in the "Target Frame" box, select "New Window" and click OK.


7. Save Your Changes / Upload to The Web
Click File > Save to save your changes.

save menu


If you're editing your files directly on the web, your changes are instantly shown online.

If you're editing your files locally, you'll need to upload your files to the web for the public to see the changes.

To learn more about putting your files on the web, see our tutorials.

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