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Working with Text

Most changes to your website will involve editing text. This is very easy to do as it's similar to editing text in MS Word. To edit text on a page in your website, follow these simple instructions.

1. Open File
In MS SharePoint Designer open the file you'd like to edit. This example uses the guidelines page(guidelines.asp) file in the website at /computersupport as if we were going to edit text. Once you've opened the file, look at it in "design view" and you'll see something similar to the following.

Edit Text screenshot


2. Edit Text
To edit text, just place your cursor where you'd like to add text or highlight text you'd like to delete or overwrite with new text. This is exactly like how you edit text in  MS Word. Your software (Sharepoint Designer, Dreamweaver, etc) will probably even have a tool bar as shown in the screen snapshot above which you can use to format and style your text, e.g. change colors, make bold, increase font size, etc.
3. Save Your Changes / Upload to The Web
Click File > Save to save your changes.

save menu screenshot

Or alternatively, just click the Save button on the toolbar:

save button screenshot

If you're editing your files directly on the web, your changes are instantly shown online.

If you're editing your files locally, you'll need to upload your files to the web for the public to see the changes.

To learn more about putting your files on the web, see our tutorials.

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