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Modifying the Left Navigation Menu

If you've created a new page, you may want to link to it from the left navigation menu. These simple instructions show you how to modify your website's left navigation menu in your website using MS Sharepoint Designer.

1. Open leftnav.asp
In MS Sharepoint Designer, open leftnav.asp. This is a special file that contains the links in your left navigation menu.
left nav left nav
2. Add / Edit / Remove Links
Now you can add, edit and remove links just like you edit text in MS Word. To add or edit a new link, see our tutorial on Working with Links.

left nav

3. Save Your Changes / Upload to The Web
Click File > Save to save your changes.

file save

If you're editing your files directly on the web, your changes are instantly shown online.

If you're editing your files locally, you'll need to upload your files to the web for the public to see the changes.

To learn more about putting your files on the web, see our tutorials.

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