Automotive Noncredit Courses and Certificates

Save with Noncredit

The Automotive program now offers Noncredit option for our classes and certificates.
Students can now get the same high-level education at a substantially reduced cost. 

For example, the cost of our Automotive Technology Certificate of Achievement* program:

  • For credited certificate, the total unit costs is over $2,200 at $46 per unit.
  • For the noncredit certificate, the total unit costs is $0 at $0 per unit.

* Example program is effective from Fall 2022 at $46/unit. Other costs and fees apply. See FAQ below for full info.


Noncredit Certificates Fall 2022

ATEC Course Automotive Technology Automotive Electrical and Body Electronics Automotive Engine Performance Automotive Powertrain Technology Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Automotive Chassis Technology Technology-Based Automotive Systems ASE Under Car Test Preparation ASE Test Preparation
ATEC 201 X   X X X        
ATEC 202 X     X          
ATEC 203 X     X          
ATEC 204 X         X      
ATEC 205 X         X      
ATEC 206A X X X X X X X    
ATEC 206B   X X X X X X    
ATEC 207 X X              
ATEC 208 X   X   X        
ATEC 210 X   X            
ATEC 250 X X X X X X      
ATEC 251               X X
ATEC 252               X X
ATEC 253               X X
ATEC 254               X X
ATEC 255               X X
ATEC 256                 X
ATEC 257                 X
ATEC 258                 X
ATEC 260                 X
ATEC 270 X         X      
ATEC 275                 X
ATEC 290 X       X   X    
ATEC 291 X       X   X    
ATEC 292 X           X    
ATEC 293 X           X    



What is a Non-Credit course or Certificate?
Non-Credit courses for automotive are exactly the same as the “Credit” classes you take at Chabot. 

How do I enroll in Non-Credit courses?

Non-Credit enrollment is the same as any course, they will just have a different course and CRN number (ATEC 50 = ATEC 250 non-credit)
There are applicable college fees and book expenses, just no per-unit fees.

When are Non-Credit courses scheduled?

Non-Credit courses will be cross-listed with the credit classes (Days, times, instructor) just look for the Non-Credit in the description and “0.0 Units”

Are there grades associated with Non-Credit courses?

Non-Credit courses are effectively Pass – Fail. 
To earn a “Passing” grade you will have to meet the same course requirements as the regular credit course.

Can I earn a Degree or Certificate with Non-Credit courses?

Non-Credit courses does not automatically count towards a degree.

For a noncredit class to count towards a Degree, you must complete all of the following:

  1. Utilize the Credit-By-Exam process; and,
  2. Pay applicable fees; and,
  3. Pass the noncredit class.

There are multiple Non-Credit Certificates available that are equivalent to the credit Certificate offerings.

What ATEC courses will be offered as Non-Credit?

All ATEC courses will have a Non-Credit offering effective Fall 2022, we already offering ASE Test Prep courses as Non-Credit.

Chabot also has many other non-credit course on the Noncredit website.

What ATEC Certificates will be offered as a Certificate?

All ATEC certificates will have a Non-Credit equivalent except Service Consulting