Terms & Conditions

Student Financial Aid Terms & Conditions

Disbursement of Financial Aid

  • Chabot College will automatically apply the California College Promise Grant Enrollment Waiver (formerly known as BOG) to student accounts, immediately upon receipt of a valid FAFSA or CA Dream Act application for student applicants who meet eligibility criteria.
  • Federal/State financial aid offers are made assuming full-time enrollment; disbursements are prorated based on actual enrollment level.
  • The 1st major disbursement of the semester occurs the 1st week of classes (assuming completion of the file review process).
  • The 2nd major disbursement of the semester occurs mid-semester (enrollment levels are frozen at this time, and the amount of the disbursement is adjusted if there are changes to your enrollment level).
  • Disbursement for late start classes occur at the next scheduled disbursement following the start of class; students must be registered for those units prior to enrollment being frozen to be eligible for funding.

Financial Aid Refunds

    • Financial aid disbursements are first applied to your current academic year charges, and any excess financial aid will be refunded to your selected refund preference with Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. the following week.
  • A refund preference must be selected with BankMobile Disbursements in order to receive financial aid refunds. All new applicants (regardless of eligibility) are issued a Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile Disbursements, via email and mail.

General & Financial Eligibility

  • Eligibility for aid cannot be determined until all requested financial aid documents are received and reviewed by the Financial Aid Office.
  • An eligible major must be declared each semester prior to registering for classes (financial aid can only be received for classes required towards completion of your declared major).
  • Chabot students are eligible to receive financial aid for required classes taken at Las-Positas College; however, you must have a current Chabot admissions application on record (not LPC) in order to receive funding at Chabot.
  • Official academic transcripts from prior attended colleges may be required, and will be evaluated for units that may be accepted toward completion of a program of study at Chabot.

Academic Eligibility – Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

The following SAP requirements are evaluated each semester:

*Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better
*Maintain a cumulative 67% completion rate or better

  • The first time you fail to meet any SAP requirements, you will be placed on a financial aid warning for your next attempted term. You must meet all requirements by the end of that term, or will be placed on a financial aid disqualification for your next attempted term.
  • 150% Rule: You can only be considered for financial aid funding for a period of time no longer than 150% of the college’s published program length (this is typically 90 attempted units for an AA/AS or transfer program).
  • If you exceed this allowed timeframe (150% rule), you will automatically be placed on a financial aid disqualification.
  • You are responsible for reading the full Satisfactory Academic Policy, and requesting clarification from staff when needed.
  • If you fully withdraw from or fail to successfully complete any courses in a semester, you may have to pay back some or all aid received.
  • You will be placed on financial aid disqualification for your next attempted term. 

Financial Aid Limits

  • Pell LEU: The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds you may receive over your lifetime is limited by federal law to be the equivalent of six years (600%) of Federal Pell Grant funding (12 full-time semesters) at any community college, vocational school or four year/bachelor’s program. Once you reach the 600% Pell LEU, you are ineligible for any additional Pell Grant. You can view your Pell Grant history by logging into studentaid.gov with your FSA ID.

What this means for you: Plan now for your future, especially if you plan to transfer to a four-year college for a bachelor’s degree. The six-year limit is a LIFETIME limit, regardless of completion of your academic goals or bachelor’s degree. This regulation applies even if you have had an appeal approved for failure to meet SAP, it supersedes any prior offer of aid/award, and the Department of Education allows for no appeal or exception.

  • Repeat Coursework: Federal regulation limits the number of times you may repeat a course and receive financial aid for that course. You may only receive federal financial aid for one repetition of a previously passed course (unless prohibited per appeal approval.)

Personal Responsibility

  • You are responsible for checking your Zone Mail and CLASS-Web for financial aid status updates and financial aid payments made.
  • You must submit required financial aid documents by July 1 to avoid delay in receiving aid; if you do not, be prepared to purchase your own books and supplies at the beginning of the semester or until you submit all required documents (file is complete).
  • You are expected to demonstrate respectful conduct with staff, and comply with requests for information or when given directions. Abusive behavior toward staff of any kind will not be tolerated, and violations of Student Code of Conduct may result in referral for disciplinary action.

Revised: 4/28/2022