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Scheduled Appointments

We offer scheduled tutoring appointments in a wide variety of subjects. We offer two types of tutoring appointments, Recurring Appointments and One-Time Appointments. Please see below for information on how to schedule each type of tutoring appointment.

Tutoring for the Spring 2018 semester will begin Jan. 29th.
Tutoring appointments are scheduled through the last day of classes (May 18th); there are no tutoring appintments during Finals.

General Appointment Information - available beginning 1/22

We currently use a system called TutorTrac that will allow you to schedule a one-time or recurring appointment online. You are also welcome to come into the center and have a staff member help you schedule your appointment beginning the week of 1/22.

Once you have scheduled your appointment using TutorTrac, you will receive a confirmation email within about 24 hours.

Group appointments will still be scheduled by staff; please come by the LC, room 108, beginning the week of 1/22 for assistance.

Note: all scheduled tutoring appointments will begin the week of 1/29/20178

Recurring Appointments - available beginning 1/29

A recurring or weekly appointment is one in which, once the appointment has been scheduled, the student will meet with the same tutor at the same time each week through the end of the semester.

For recurring appointments, please come by the LC, room 108, to pick up information about how to schedule your appointment(s) starting January 22, 2018 or click here.

You can also schedule a recurring appointment online by signing into TutorTrac below starting 1/22/2018.

Please read the "Instructions and Terms of Agreement" below, then click on "I Agree" if you would like to schedule a weekly recurring appointment.

One-Time Appointments - available beginning 1/29

Students may schedule a one-time appointment with a tutor through the website two or more days in advance.

The system will only show open appointments for the next weeks. Please don't hesitate to come by the LC front desk for assistance!

Please read the "Instructions and Terms of Agreement" below, then click on "I Agree"  if you would like to schedule a one-time appointment.


General Information

  • The website will not allow you to schedule same day appointments.
  • Appointments must be scheduled at least two days in advance.
  • Appointments take place in the LC (room 108) and are scheduled for 60 minutes. There will be 50 minutes of actual tutoring time.
  • You may schedule one appointment per week per class.
  • You may be scheduled in a small group appointment based on tutor availability. The LC cannot guarantee individual tutoring appointments due to the limited number of tutors available.

Canceling an Appointment

  • If you are unable to attend a tutoring session, you can cancel your appointment in the TutorTrac system:
    • Upon logging in, you will see a list of your upcoming appointments
    • Find the appointment date and time that you need to cancel, then select the grey "X" to cancel the appointment.
  • You can always contact the Learning Connection for help canceling an appointment as well. Please call, email, or speak with a staff member:
    • If canceling by EMAIL: send an email to learningconnection@chabotcollege.edu with the subject "Cancel an appointment."
    • If canceling by PHONE: call the LC Front Desk at (510) 723-6920. When leaving a message, please be sure to speak slowly and clearly. Be sure you leave your phone number so we can call you back if needed.
  • Appointments MUST be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance or not attended will be considered "ABSENT" and you may be blocked from scheduling if you miss 3 or more appointments.

Student Responsibilities

  • You must arrive on time for scheduled tutoring appointments. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you are considered "ABSENT" and the appointment is not guaranteed.
  • You must sign in on the login computer upon arrival in the LC (room 108). If you do not sign in when you arrive in the LC, you will be marked "ABSENT."
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in the LC; however, water bottles are acceptable in the tutoring area.
  • As a courtesy to others, students must turn off cell phones or place them on vibrate before entering the LC. If students need to use their cell phones, they should do so in the Building 100 lobby, outside the LC center.
  • Children are not allowed in the center as they may disrupt other students' studying or tutoring.
By clicking on the 'I AGREE' button below, students acknowledge that they agree to the policies and terms listed above. Any questions regarding the policies and terms listed above may be directed to Learning Connection staff or the Program Coordinator.

NOTE: The online schedule system is now open for the Spring 2018 semester. Tutoring will resume the third week of classes, 1/29/18.


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