Graphing Calculator Rental Program

Calculator Rental Program


The STEM Center has around 470 graphing (TI-84) calculators that can be loaned out to students in math or science classes for the semester.

Semester Long Graphing Calculator Rental Program

Graphing Calculator

You can borrow a calculator for the semester starting on the first day of every semester. Current hours are posted on our main page. You can come in the STEM Center at any of those hours to borrow a calculator.

When you borrow a calculator, you will fill out a form and sign an agreement. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing to:

  • Return the graphing calculator to the STEM Center during open drop-off date hours, or hours prearranged with STEM Center staff.
  • Replace the calculator with a working TI-84 calculator in good condition if you lose, damage, or fail to return the calculator you borrowed.
  • Violation of any of the terms of the rental agreement will result in a "Hold" being placed on your student records. This hold will be removed after you return or replace the calculator. A student who has a hold placed on their records is not permitted to:
    • Register for subsequent terms of instruction at Chabot College
    • Receive transcripts of work completed at Chabot College
    • Receive other services at Chabot College relating to his or her record