STEM Opportunities

Below are upcoming opportunities for our STEM Students. We will post opportunities as they come up, so please be sure to check this page regularly.  

Opportunities at Chabot

Sustainability Workshops
Thursdays, 1PM-3PM, Room 3902
Design for your environment and make Chabot a better place to learn and thrive. No experience necessary.
Game Lab
Tuesdays, 5PM-7PM, Room 3902
Come learn how to build and design games!


Engineering Certificates Explained

Opportunities Outside Chabot 

Learn Bioinformatics & Coding this Summer!
July 8-August 2, Application Deadline is June 3rd by 5PM, 
The UC Santa Cruz Summer Short Course in Bioinformatics and Coding introduces students to essential data science skills for application in genomics, cancer research, and other biomedical applications. NO prior coding experience required! 100% online.
What you will learn:
Fundamentals of programming with Shell scripting (Bash) and Python
Best practices for writing and  executing code, and staying organized on a Unix-based server
Knowledge about common biological data formats - Work with real-world data and be able to reproduce scientific findings
How to visualize data in an aesthetic and functional way
How to use cutting edge genomics tools such as UCSC Xena and the UCSC Genome Browser
100% ONLINE instruction will include hands-on workshops and small group work in a friendly and supportive learning community. This is an introductory level course - no prior experience with bioinformatics or coding is required (students who already have basic skills should not apply).

The College of Podiatric Medicine Experience: Summer Enrichment Program
July 17th-19th, Applications due by June 14th
During this three-day workshop, you'll get a chance to explore the profession of podiatric medicine, shadow faculty and students in a variety of settings, learn how to cast and suture, and participate in organized lectures covering the correlation between podiatric medicine and the basic sciences.

Free USC Course in Ethics in Engineering Design for Artificial Intelligence Systems
Fall Semester, every Thursday on Zoom from 10AM to 11:50AM
Apply here

In an era dominated by rapid technological advancements, the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become increasingly complex and critical. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted ethical considerations inherent in the design, deployment, and impact of AI systems across diverse domains. By examining the intricate interplay between engineering designs, AI systems, society, and morality, students will gain a profound understanding of the ethical dimensions shaping design systems and the future of AI innovation.

This course delves deep into the ethical dilemmas specifically within the realm of engineering design and artificial intelligence (AI), elucidating the responsibilities of engineers in mitigating biases, ensuring transparency, and upholding moral integrity. Through case studies and discussions, students will analyze real-world engineering design systems, develop ethical frameworks, and cultivate the ethical reasoning necessary for navigating the complexities of AI systems with integrity and social responsibility.

The sessions will take place virtually via Zoom. Any books or literature references for the students will be provided for free. This course is offered for free to all community college students and at the conclusion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion.