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Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society

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Welcome to the Sigma Rho Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma.

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The core values of AGS are academics, community service and leadership. Founded in 1926, Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS, AGS) is the Honor Society of the California Community Colleges. Active members of AGS do more than just get good grades. Because of AGS's promotion of service to the campus and local community, AGS members are often some of the most active and involved students on their campus.

AGS is dedicated to promoting scholarship, character and civic responsibility. AGS members are often involved in various club activities from campus events, social outings, fundraisers and a vast range of community service projects, individually and as a group. Sigma Rho members have logged in hundred of hours helping with various organizations throughout the Bay Area. For over fifty years at Chabot College, membership in AGS demonstrates that you can balance philanthropy, leadership development and academic excellence. This tradition continues with each member.


"Add to good character, knowledge and judgment" - AGS, Inc motto

"AGS opened my eyes on what a college experience can be and should be. I've made many great friends here at AGS. My only regret in not joining sooner!" - A


Club Meetings for Fall 2018 are:

room 307

Changes, and additions, in meeting days and times will be noted here.

Interested students are welcome to attend one of our membership orientations to find out more about the club and membership. Please see the Prospective Membership link to on the navigation bar on the left.

Social Media

Facebook: AGS SigmaRho-Chabot College

Instagram: @ags_sigmarho_chabot

YouTube: AGS Sigma Rho

Sigma Rho Website 2017: "hot off the press" info from club officers (http://chabotags.weebly.com/)


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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 7/31/2018