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Earn a Certificate in Office Technology only 10 Units

Welcome to Computer Application Systems, where you will advance your career with hands-on computer training. 

Our degree and certificate programs offers affordable, flexible training that will help you land the job or promotion you are  looking for.  We emphasize hands-on computer learning and experience. 

Want to become Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)?   CAS offers training in courses that  prepare students to take the Microsoft Certification Application Specialists (MCAS)exam.  A globally recognized standard of proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity applications.

Want to earn a Certificate?  CAS programs allow students to gain valuable computer experience, or update skills for immediate employment.  Office Technology,  Software Specialists, Administrative Assistant

Want to Earn a Degree?  Students may want to earn a certificate, while working to earn an Associate Science in Degree as an Administrative Assistant, or Software Specialists. 

Combining classroom theory with hands-on computer experience CAS programs lead immediately to jobs.

You can enroll NOW!

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