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Stacy Thompson, Vice President
(510) 723-6626

  • (vacant), Executive Assistant to the Vice President (510) 723-6627
  • Angela Villasana, Academic Services Specialist II (510) 723-6630
  • Maguerite Thomas, Academic Services Specialist II (510) 723-6634
  • Subjects:  Learning Skills, Library Skills and Tutoring

    Programs:  Library, Chabot Web Services/Online Education, and Learning Connection

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Applied Technology & Business

Kristin Lima, Dean
(510) 723-6652

  • JoAnn Cerefice, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-6653

Subjects:  Accounting, Apprenticeship (Electricians, Automotive, Roofers, Telecom), Automotive Technology, BMW, Business, Computer Application Systems, Construction Electricians Training Program (CELT),  Electronic Systems Technology, Entrepreneurship, Fire Technology, Industrial Technology, Machine Tool Technology, Real Estate, Welding Technology, Work Experience

Programs:  Contract Education (including liaison with Economic Development), Tech Prep, Vocational Education (CCCAOE, Advisory Committees), Perkins

School of the Arts

Carla Walter, Dean
(510) 723-6833

  • Catherine Powell, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-6829

Subjects:  Architecture, Art, Art History, Communication Studies, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Humanities, Film, Interior Design, Mass Communications, Music (Applied), Music (Literature, Theory, and Musicianship), Music (Performance), Music (Recording and Technology), Philosophy, Photography, Religious Studies, Theater Arts

Programs:  Community Ed, Performing Arts Center,  Radio/TV Stations, The Spectator

Health, Kinesiology & Athletics

Dale Wagoner, Dean
(510) 723-7202

  • Kim Cao, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-7484
  • Catherine Gentiluomo, Administrative Assistant, Nursing Program (510) 723-6896
  • Connie Gerton, Instructor, Skills Lab (510) 723-6953

Subjects:  Dental Health, Health (includes E.M.T.), Medical Assisting, Nursing, Nutrition,  Physical Education

Programs:  Athletics, Dental Hygiene Clinic

Language Arts

Marcia Corcoran, Dean
(510) 723-6805

  • Debra Kling, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-6804

Subjects:  English Composition and Literature, English As a Second Language (ESL), World Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish),  Sign Language

Programs:  ESL Language Center, WRAC Center, Change It Now!

Science & Mathematics

Tim Dave, Interim Dean
(510) 723-6897

  • Chasity Whiteside, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-6898

Subjects:  Astronomy, Biological Sciences (Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Physiology), Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics

Social Sciences

Carla Walter, Dean
(510) 723-7059

  • Cheryl Sannebeck, Administrative Assistant (510) 723-6670
Subjects:  Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Early Childhood Development, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapies, Social Science, Sociology

Programs:  Behavioral Science, CARI, Foster Care, Independent Living,  PACE, Social Science

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