First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program focuses on student success in the form of various different "pathways" based upon student interests and academic goals.

Students select a pathway based upon their academic interests and are given a class schedule each semester for their first year at Chabot College. Each class schedule provides core math and English sections along with one or two additional courses geared towards the theme of each pathway. By joining an FYE pathway you are provided core courses that are typically difficult to add into as a new student, and support from various staff members across the Chabot College campus.

Joining FYE provides students the following benefits:

1) Guaranteed spot in high demand classes for fall and spring semester.
2) Specialized attention from FYE Pathway faculty and counselors.
3) Connection with a cohort of students with similar interests and goals. 
4) Opportunity to explore your academic and career interests.
5) Faster pathway to transfer! 

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Take a moment to review the current pathway options listed below!


The STEM pathways are for students interested in Science, Technology, Pre-Med, Pre-Dentistry, Engineering, Mathematics and other related majors.

The Business pathway allows students to explore their interests in various business majors ranging from Health Care, Retail and Small Business Management to Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, and Small Business Ownership.

The “Explore” Pathway assist students with undecided majors to work toward their degree while exploring different career and major options.  Faculty will provide the tools to assist in the decision making process.

The Health & Wellness pathways are a perfect fit for those interested in Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Health Science and Medical Technology related majors. This pathway offers reserved seating in the high-demand core Biology and Chemistry courses. It also includes a pathway for those interested in Human Services and Mental Health (e.g. careers in social work, marriage and family therapy, counseling)

This is a great pathway for students interested in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Photography, Painting, Drawing/Illustration, Ceramics, and Sculpture.

This Learning Community is a year-long, accelerated writing and leadership program designed to empower students interested in social justice and making positive change in the world. Students explore community issues such as education, health care, budget cuts, environment, poverty, violence, and more!

This is a good option for students who are still exploring majors, but interested in a social justice emphasis for any major they ultimately choose.

The Social Sciences pathway prepares students to major in Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology, and for future careers across many fields that rely on analytical, leadership, and interpersonal skills.


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Please note
Space is limited to the first students who apply based on available space in each Pathway. 
Some Pathways may have additional eligibility requirements.

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