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RISE: Restorative Integrated Self-Education

The RISE learning community is an implementation of a three-partner jail-to-college pathway in Alameda County to address the significant needs of reentry population. The program enrolls and supports low-risk inmates who are released on probation to gain the skills to reenter society and their community through education and vocational training.

The following image shows the partnership between RISE Chabot, Open Gate, Inc., and Santa Rita Alameda County Jail.


RISE Partnership Pyramid

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RISE Office

Eric Gentry

Meet Our Team


Who can join?

RISE is open to all ages, races, sexes, and gender identity.

All persons formerly incarcerated, who are committed to attending Chabot College, and meet the following eligibility criterias can join:

  1. Leadership
  2. Participation
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Team Player
  5. Low Criminogenic Risk

Interested and eligible inmates approved by Inmate Services can attend College Readiness workshops facilitated by Open Gate. These workshops set realistic expectations of the level of commitment expected of students.

On-campus RISE orientations are held at the beginning of each semester. During the summer a Summer Bridge is held that includes workshops and activities to acclimate students to the campus.

How to join?

Open Gate, Inc. founders visit Santa Rita Jail to work closely with staff in identifying potential RISE scholars. Educational options are introduced to inmates through College Readiness workshops held within Santa Rita. Open Gate also recruits for RISE in the community and probation centers.

Upon release, the matriculation process begins with prospective RISE scholars completing the Chabot College application, assessment testing, orientation and FAFSA. Interested students will meet on Chabot College campus for RISE orientations and informational sessions held once a semester. OG MAC (Open Gate Men’s Advisory Council) will act as navigators and mentors for new RISE scholars.

As a RISE scholar, you'll have access to staff and support services, school supplies, regular community meetings and study sessions, activities and events. Ultimately, RISE is here to ensure you achieve your educational goals and feel supported along the way.

For additional info, please contact the RISE office.


In addition to the love and support of the RISE learning community, a RISE scholar will have access to:

  • Designated DSPS Counselor: Debbie Green,
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Snacks
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Book Loan Program
  • Supplies
  • Mentor Support
  • Tutoring
  • Activities


Links and Resources

Support the Cause … Join the UpRise Movement

Incarceration impacts everyone. Our homes, families, and communities are often left in shambles by the financial, emotional, and other log-term effects of incarceration.

The UpRise Club provides a space for you to talk and support students in dealing with this trauma and rising above it to be successful. In addition, UpRise promotes:

  • Educational excellence,
  • Extracurricular programs,
  • Encouragement and appreciation of social diversity,
  • Connect and build coalitions with faculty, staff and student organizations around general culturally diverse difficulties in accordance with Chabot College policy.

UpRise is open to current Chabot College students, faculty and staff.

Please check back for meeting dates and times for Fall 2017.

For more information and meeting times contact
Michael Thompson, Faculty Advisor

*RISE was created in partnership with Open Gate, Inc.