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Language Arts Division

Language Arts Division Faculty

Speak your mind.

Argue your case.

Find your voice.

Write your novel.

Shape your poem

 Sign to your child.

Make the new(s)

For your community

Habla.  Parlez.

 Go/contrary, go/sing (Charles Olson)


We are a friendly, student-centered faculty and staff interested in your intellectual development and growth.  Our instructors encourage students to discover their own voices while simultaneously strengthening their skills in all of the language arts - reading, writing, speaking, listening, creative and critical thinking.  These skills will enhance your lives in school, work, and the world. 

The programs below have links to tell you more about the opportunities and resources available in the Language Arts Division.

List of Language Arts Faculty and Staff

 Disciplines and Courses

Learning Communities and Special Projects


Language Arts Division Administration

Dr. Jamal Cooks - Dean, Language Arts

Debra Kling - Administrative Assistant, Language Arts

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