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Welcome to Chabot's English as a Second Language (ESL) Program!

The ESL program at Chabot offers a number of different courses to help you improve your English reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking skills. It's an academic program, which means that it's designed to prepare our students to take college-level English courses. However, we also have many students who want to improve their English skills for gaining employment, advancing at their jobs, or exploring new careers and job certificates.

Our courses start at high-beginning level for academic ESL. This means they are designed for students who have already studied English at an adult school or high school for at least two or three years, and who already know how to read short articles and write short paragraphs. If you have only studied English for a short time, an adult school class is probably best for you. If you are not sure where you should study English, please see this flyer, which explains the difference between ESL at adult schools and at community colleges. Students who study at adult schools first are often better prepared and more successful in Chabot's ESL program.

If you want more detailed information about each course, go to ESL Course Descriptions. If you want to know when each course is offered, go to the current Schedule of Classes at Class-Web and view the current schedule of classes for Chabot College. Click here to learn more about our program.

Check out the ESL Newsletter (Fall 2012) to learn more about our program and see what our students have been up to.

Watch this video to see what some of our former students have to say about the ESL program!

In Spring 2013, we held our first section of ESL 120, the Writing Workshop for Non-Native Speakers. We are happy to be able to continue offering this course. Take a look at this video to learn more about it and how it may benefit you!

For email questions, please contact...

Angela Blair, ablair@chabotcollege.edu



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