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Canvas Resources for Chabot Faculty

Frequently Requested Services

Request Canvas Sites

Request to Give Site Access to Someone

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request access to migrated sites

(Please see below for more details about migrated courses).


Canvas Instructor Guide (Searching tip: When on the main page, click CTRL-F and type in your specific topic).

How to copy content from one Canvas site to another (Import Course Content and/or Copy this Course).

How to do a Course Import from Blackboard to Canvas (steps for exporting/importing begin on page 7).

For a tool-to-tool comparison of what you can expect to be migrated, view the following resource: Converting from Bb to Canvas.

Content Migration from Bb to Canvas

Blackboard to CanvasDuring our transition to Canvas, the district has contracted with Instructure/Canvas to migrate course content from Blackboard to Canvas after each semester has ended. Faculty can view migrated content under Courses > All Courses (in Canvas) and then opt to copy the content into “live” Canvas sites. Note that migration does not mean that the content will be perfect – site “clean-up” will be necessary.

Migration Status per Semester

Term How to Access in Canvas
Summer 2016 Go to Courses > All Courses
Fall 2016 Go to Courses > All Courses
Spring 2017 Request Access
Summer 2017 Request Access
Fall 2017 Request Access
Spring 2018 Request Access

Don't see the migrated course(s) under "Courses"?

request access to migrated sites

Sharing Resources - Canvas Commons

Need to share a course or other resources for instructors? Canvas Commons makes it easy to share your Canvas course or other resources with other faculty. Shared resources can be made available to all CLPCCD faculty or to just a select group of faculty at Chabot.

Canvas Commons Table of Contents.

Request for Canvas Commons Group

 Student Enrollment Process

When are newly-added (or newly dropped) students uploaded to Canvas?

Enrollment changes made in CLASS-Web are followed by an enrollment process that occurs in Canvas during multiple times during the day. At each interval, the process can take 3-4 hours to complete. Each day, the processes begin to be processed in Canvas at 7am, 12pm, 5pm, & 10pm, and 3am. The the drop-delete process (dropping students with an NGR) runs at 3am.

Changes made to CLASS-Web before... Should take effect in Canvas by...      
7am 11am      
12pm 4pm      
5pm 9pm      
10pm 2am      
3am 7am      

Additional Resources

External Apps

Canvas MOU

Course Conversion Application

Survey Results of Faculty for Canvas Training

Login to Canvas

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Login instructions

Access the CLPCCD Canvas system using these Log in instructions. Each instructor has been provided a blank, practice "Sandbox" site.

Canvas Status
Seeing issues with the Canvas system? You can check the status of the Canvas system at any time. For help logging in or specific issues, please submit a help request.


Canvas Training

There are several learning and training resources to help you get started and continue learning Canvas! See below for more details on the following learning resource options:

Canvas Training - Online

Below are links to VIDEOS on Canvas, ranging in time (as indicated) from a few minutes to 1 hour. The direct links below do not require login.

Canvas Overview (6 minutes)

Canvas: First Look (30 minutes). First Look introduces participants to the Canvas environment, login procedure, and global navigation. Attendees will explore account setup, personal preferences, and communication tools, such as the Inbox and Calendar. This session also presents the numerous avenues for support available to each Canvas user.

Canvas: Course Basics (1 hour). Course Basics provides an overview of the layout and features included in a Canvas course. Users will learn about the Course Navigation Menu and individual components that can be used to deliver content and assess student performance. This introductory demonstration provides users with the background knowledge to begin their Canvas journey.

Canvas Video Guide. Topic-specific, usually short video tutorial series as provided by Instructure (Canvas). Please be sure to also check out the accompanying Canvas Instructor Guide.

LyndaLynda.com. Lynda.com is offered for FREE to all California community college faculty, staff, administrators and trustees through the state’s Professional Learning Network (PLN) portal. Once you login, search for Canvas to bring up the series for topics. Note that Lynda.com is mobile friendly if you download the App!


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