COOL Committee


The COOL  supports all of our College (faculty, staff, administration, and students) as we develop and deploy hybrid and fully online courses. We encourage and assist in the creation of new online courses, helping to ensure they can incorporate proven pedagogical techniques for student success, and that they can be delivered with the highest quality possible. And with that process, we help to reinforce how hybrid and online courses are equivalent in rigor, expectations, and student participation to their on-campus counterparts. We share our expertise in online delivery modes with all faculty, in a collaborative review process that includes demonstrations by colleagues new to the world of online teaching and learning. We evaluate, share, and advocate for new technologies that help our students learn.

A primary focus of the COOL is to meet Title 5 Section 55206 regulations, which require separate course approval for distance education delivery courses. The regulations state that If any portion of the instruction in a proposed or existing course or course section is designed to be provided through distance education in lieu of face-to-face interaction between instructor and student, the course shall be separately reviewed and approved according to the district’s adopted course approval procedures.


  • Aldrian Estepa, Psychology
  • Ryan Scherbart, Philosophy, Humanities, Religious Studies


Academic Pathways and Student Success

  • Norman Buchwald, Library

Academic Services

  • Cheryl Sannebeck, Academic Services / Classified Senate
  • Angela Castellanos, Academic Services / Classified Senate

Applied Technology & Business

  • Kristin Lima, Dean, Applied Technology & Business
  • Melissa Patterson, Business
  • Kurt Shadbolt: Automotive Technology

Arts & Humanities

  • Christina Davis, Communication Studies
  • Richard Dinwiddie, Arts & Humanities


  • Laura Alarcon, Psychology Counseling

Faculty Union

  • Jeff Drouin, Athletics

Health, Kinesiology & Athletics

  • Danny Calcagno, Athletics

Language Arts

  • T.J. Puckett, English
  • Michael Langdon, English
  • Cristina Moon, Spanish
  • Caren Parrish, French

Science & Math

  • Scott Hildreth, Astronomy and Physics
  • Erin Kelly,Math
  • Zarir Marawala, Anatomy and Physiology, Instructional & Services Technology
  • Anu Sharma, Chemistry

Social Sciences

  • Rick Moniz, History
  • Kirsten Olson, Anthropology

Special Programs and Services

  • Nathaniel Rice, Disabled Student Resource Center

Student Senate

  • Theresa Pedrosa, Student Senate

Meeting Dates

Meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each instructional month, 12-1pm, room 1801.