Machine Tool Technology

Almost everything we touch in our daily lives, from automobiles to blenders, contains parts crafted by a Machinist. A Machinist is the key person in producing the needed equipment and utensils that result in the products we enjoy. 

Trained machinists also benefit from having the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world applying their trade. Machinists compensation packages typically include: High wages, retirement, health insurance, and paid vacations.

Career Outlook


SalaryJourneyman Machinist in Bay Area
$45+ per hour


Employment growthMachinists Job Growth


What does it take to become a Machinist?


  • Knowledge
  • Career Preparation
  • Experience
  • Interviewing skills 





Programs Associate Degree Transfer Degree Certificate
Machine Tool Technology
Numerical Control
Numerical Control Programmer (Machinist)
Tool Maker


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