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Learning Connection Scholar

Chabot students interested in working in the Learning Connection program

Current Chabot College students can apply for a position as a Learning Connection Scholar. This is a Student Assistant employee position, and you may be assigned to work:

  • As a tutor;
  • As a Supplemental Instruction Leader;
  • At the front desk of one of our labs or centers;
  • As a Learning Assistant in the classroom.

LC Scholars are paid an hourly rate; the current pay rate is $14.50 per hour as of January 1, 2021. As a student hired to work on-campus, LC Scholars may work up to 20 hours per week.

Per CLPCCD policy, students may work concurrently in various offices/areas on campus; however, they may not work more than 20 hours per week total. For example, if you are working 12 hours per week in the Financial Aid office, you could work up to 8 hours week in the Learning Connection.

What does a LC Scholar do?

LC Scholars lead study groups as SI Leaders, provide individual/small group tutoring to students by appointment and/or on a drop-in basis at one of our on-campus facilities (Comm Lab, ESL Language Center, STEM Center, LC, or WRAC Center), or work inside classrooms as a Learning Assistant. They assist students in improving academic achievement by meeting with them to clarify concepts and skills needed for success. Assistance might include: reviewing class material, discussing the text, predicting test questions, formulating ideas for papers, or working on solutions to problems. Learning support is a supplement to teaching, and LC Scholars are not expected to know everything about the subject for which they provide learning support. All Learning Connection Scholars are peer tutors who must be recommended by a Chabot College instructor.

Some LC Scholars might be scheduled at the front desk in one of our labs to help greet and direct students; typically a LC Scholar must have worked with the Learning Connection for at least one semester before being scheduled for front desk work. Front desk work also requires additional training from LC staff.

LC Scholars are scheduled according to student demand and availability; we cannot guarantee a minimum number of work hours per week.

Do LC Scholars have any additional responsibilities?

Yes! LC Scholars must:

  • Attend and pass required tutor training classes; fees for these classes are waived.
  • Check Canvas and your Zonemail email daily for information and notices.
  • Check the LCS Bulletin Board in the LC (rm. 108) when you are on campus for new information and announcements, in addition to checking your work schedule online each night.
  • Be punctual for all scheduled tutoring sessions or drop in hours. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible if you cannot meet with your students.
  • Complete and hand in all required paperwork, including time sheets, work availability, class schedule, etc.

How do I become a Learning Connection Scholar?

To become a LC Scholar, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Receive an A or B grade and a recommendation from your instructor in the course(s) you want to tutor.
  • Be responsible, dependable, and mature.
  • Be friendly, patient, and sensitive to a diversity of students.
  • Have good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Be a current Chabot student enrolled in a minimum of three academic units.
  • Live in California and be eligible to work in the US

You must also complete the Application/Interview Process, outlined below.

What is the Application/Interview process?

There are two ways by which a student can apply to become a Learning Connection Scholar. Students can be recommended by their instructor to work as a tutor, Learning Assistant, or Supplemental Instruction Leader, the same as before. However, students can now also apply directly to work as a tutor. Students will still need a recommendation from their instructor, but we will follow up with the instructor after we receive their application.

Please see below for more information about each process and specific steps.

We encourage interested Chabot students to apply directly to become a Learning Connection tutor, and we will request a recommendation from your instructor(s) once we receive your application. We accept applications at any time, but please be aware that interview process takes place once a semester. Here are the steps to apply:

  • Read the New Tutor Information Checklist and Application packet to see if this is the right job for you.
  • If this job is a good fit for you and you would like to apply, download and save the packet, then fill out the Learning Connection Scholar Application form in the packet and email it to Rachael Tupper-Eoff (rtupper-eoff@chabotcollege.edu). Be sure you keep the New Tutor Information Checklist for your own records.
  • Check your Zonemail email for a follow-up email from the Learning Connection that will explain next steps including an interview with our Program Coordinator; interviews typically take place during the last three weeks of the semester. **Please note, we will follow up with everyone who turns in an application to let them know if they are being selected for an interview or not. We promise you will hear from us either way!**
  • Attend the interview!
  • For some subjects, a second interview with the Discipline Lead (TUTR 2 subject area instructor) will be required. If that's the case for your subject area, the instructor will contact you to schedule this interview. Attend the second interview!

See "ALL APPLICANTS" section below for finals steps of application process.


Some instructors will recommend students as tutors. This process takes place once a semester. About halfway through the current semester, we begin requesting instructor recommendations for tutors for the following semester. Please note, instructor recommendations received after invites and applications have been sent out will be held for the following semester.

  • We send all recommended students an invitation to apply. The invitation will include an application, or you can download a Learning Connection Scholar Application online. (If downloading the application, please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox - the application form is NOT compatible with the Google Chrome browser.)
    • During the fall semester (hiring for spring), invites and applications are typically sent out in mid-November.
    • During the spring semester (hiring for fall), invites and applications are typically sent out in early April.
  • Invitations and applications are sent via email to students' Chabot Zonemail address; hard copies are also sent via postal mail.
  • Interested students should come to the LC in Building 100, Room 108, to give their completed application to Learning Connection staff and to sign up for an interview with the Program Coordinator.
  • For some subjects, a second interview with the Discipline Lead (TUTR 2 subject area instructor) will be required. If that's the case for your subject area, the instructor will contact you to schedule this interview.
  • First and second level interviews typically take place during the last three weeks of the semester.

See "ALL APPLICANTS" section below for finals steps of application process.


Once all interviews have been completed, we send email notifications to all students who applied for a position to let them know whether or not we will be able to hire them. Email notification are sent to students' Zonemail email addresses.

If offered a position, students must complete HR hiring paperwork with a staff member (including TB test & I-9 employment eligibility verification), enroll in classes at Chabot for the upcoming semester, and enroll in the required tutor training courses before the upcoming semester begins. More information about completing HR hiring paperwork will be provided at the interview.

A student does not become a Learning Connection Scholar until the application and interview processes are completed, including HR hiring paperwork processing and approval.

For questions regarding the application process please contact the LC at 510-468-7758.