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Board Agenda Items

Please note: Items requiring Board approval are NOT permitted to begin implementation prior to that approval.

In preparing your documents, please keep the following guidelines in mind. Your documents may be returned if these are not adhered to, resulting in delay of your item's start date.

  • If appropriate, coordinate submission of items for shared services, agreements, contracts, etc., with LPC, so just one item is presented to the Board rather than two separate items for each college.
  • Board memos should be submitted on the earliest date possible, in order to allow for appropriate review and processing before being presented to the Board.
  • For documents with a proposed start date before Board review, the start date should be changed to the first date after the Board meeting in which you are submitting your item for review.
    • In rare circumstances in which the start date cannot be changed, you will need to submit a justification memo to explain why it is being submitted so late, and an explanation of what obligations the Board is being asked to endorse after the fact. If the explanation is not provided with the Board Agenda Item Request form, your documents will be returned.
  • Board memos should have some explanatory language within the Background portion of the document regarding the item to be reviewed.
  • Board memos should NOT include words like "shall." The word may be used in the contract language, but the memo language should be "will," as this document is intended for information to the Board.

Internal College Approval Process

To have a recommendation/board agenda item presented to the CLPCCD Board of Trustees for approval, you will need to follow the internal college approval process first. Please note: HR board items are not part of this process.

  • Use the Example & Template document to create your Board memo, without changing the font, font size, and/or margins. Please keep this electronic file.
  • Complete the Instructions for Handling Form via fillable pdf. Please keep this electronic file.
  • Attach your Board Memo, Instructions for Handling Form, and the necessary backup documentation (MOU, Contract Agreement, Memo, etc) to the Board Agenda Item Request Form.
  • Forward the hard copy documents to your area manager and send the electronic versions to Chasity Whiteside via email.
  • Your manager should then follow the routing on the request form, as appropriate. Chasity will wait for hard copy approvals but use the electronic files to submit to District
  • After necessary review and signatures, the submission to Administrative Services must meet our internal Board Agenda Deadlines.

CLPCCD Board of Trustees

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 6/19/2018