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Full Time Positions

Request To Announce New Hires

The process of hiring personnel begins with a Request to Announce Form for full time individuals. Part time, adjunct, temporary, or other non-full time employees do not require a Request to Announce Form.

Please familiarize yourself with this website: http://www.clpccd.org/HR/HRGovForms.php as all forms for hiring are provided there.

Request to Announce Forms are completed for positions that have been recommended and approved through the appropriate hiring prioritization process, and with final presidential approval. The Request to Announce Form is initiated through the area Vice President, forwarded to the Office of Administrative Services for verification of funds, title, classification, etc. The completed document is forwarded to the Office of the President for final approval, and then forwarded to the CLPCCD Human Resources Office.

The CLPCCD Human Resources Office human resource specialists reviews the draft and prepares a final job announcement for the initiating area manager to review; upon final approval of the draft announcement, HRO initiates publication of the position announcement.

Interviewing and Selection

Each full time employee is selected through an interviewing process, again, those documents are available on the CLPCCD Human Resources website for each category of employee (administrative, faculty, classified professional). Any person serving on a hiring committee must complete the requisite professional development module on interview and selection processes provided by HRO, and these sessions are coordinated through Chabot College’s OAS.

Presidential Approval

All candidates for full time positions are recommended to the OOP for final approval. For gaining such approval, the hiring packet is completed by the area manager and submitted through the OAS, which consists of the materials required for screening and selection, the hiring packet itself, including the Personnel Action Form (PAF). The president’s office forwards to the HRO where the new employee’s “W” number is created so that appropriate email and other accounts can be established.

Board of Trustee Approval

After presidential approval, the materials are forwarded to the HRO for placement on the CLPCCD Board of Trustee’s (BOT) agenda. Once approved by the BoT, the individual may begin working. The OOP sends a “Welcome to Chabot College” letter to the newly approved employee.

Board Agenda Placeholder Request:
Please do not contact District OHR to request a board agenda placeholder.

When submitting the hiring packet and necessary documents to Administrative Services, please include a justification memo to request a Board Agenda Placeholder. If approved, Administrative Services staff will work with HR regarding necessary steps to ensure the item will be placed on the upcoming board agenda. Please note: If the hiring packet and necessary documents are incomplete or in need of corrections, your request for a placeholder will not be reviewed.

Establish Electronic Interface

The hiring manager completes the appropriate level of access on the CLPCCD Technology Systems Access Request Form for the employee regarding email, pc access, phone, etc. This form is provided to Office of Administrative Services for processing so that the employee may begin work with ease.

Separating from Chabot College

The hiring manager completes the appropriate level of revoke access on the CLPCCD Technology Systems Access Request Form for processing, has the employee return their keys/keycard and parking pass to security. Area Manager completes a PAF for Separation for processing.

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