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Purchasing Information

Procurement Guideline Matrix

The Procurement Guideline matrix, which is usually updated annually, provides the procedures, dollar thresholds, and proper authorization levels for each type of procurement method pursuant to state and local laws. All public bids are accessible online at the Purchasing website.

Purchase Orders: Entering into Contracts

A purchase order is a legally binding contract. Any employee who enters into a contract with an external party who is not authorized to do so, may be held liable for expenses incurred by the vendor. In accordance with Board Policy 6330 and 6340, the Board of Trustees is the only entity that can legally enter into a contract for goods or services, unless the Board delegates its authority.

Purchasing Requisitions

To fulfill a procurement need, the requesting department submits an approved purchase Requisition Form to the Chabot Business Services office. All Chabot purchases must be shipped to a Chabot campus address. Requisition forms must contain the following information in order for college staff to process your request and District staff to process the actual purchase order:

Purchasing "Things"

  • Vendor information
  • Description and quantity of items
  • Estimated cost, attach Quote
  • Required delivery date (please do not write ASAP or RUSH on everything you submit)
  • Authorized signatures
    • For Technology related products or software require the approval of Michael Seaton
    • Your Area Manager and Vice President
  • Budget account code string (FOAP)
  • Attach a screenshot showing available funds
    • Before requisitions are forwarded for approval, departments must make sure that sufficient funds are available to cover the requested purchase. This means ample budget exists at the fund-org-account-program (FOAP) level. If ample budget does not exist, the department must prepare a budget transfer and allow it to process before submitting the requisition for approval.

Purchasing "Professional Services": See Contract For Services

Please note: If you do not have a Requisition No. in the top right hand corner of your form, once college staff enter your requisition into Banner, one will be generated for you. Once the number has been generated, a copy of the form with the number included will be sent via email to the requestor listed on the form.

The District Purchasing department selects the method of procurement, e.g., purchase order vs District P-Card, and notifies the vendor of the procurement.

  • For Goods, Materials, Furniture, and Equipment:
    • The vendor delivers the goods to the warehouse or as directed by the purchasing department. The warehouse professionals verify that the goods listed on the packing slip match the purchase order. A receiving document is recorded in Banner by the warehouse professionals. Accounts Payable views the receiving document and authorizes payment upon receiving the invoice. This process is called a three- way match, which provides for sound internal controls and separation of duties.
  • For Goods/Services:
    • The vendor provides the goods/service. Upon sending the goods and/or completion of service, the vendor sends the department an invoice. The department authorizes payment of the invoice by writing "OK to pay", listing the Purchase Order # and having the area manager's signature before forwarding to District Accounts Payable.

Items Received by Department vs Campus Warehouse

If a shipment is delivered directly to the department without going through the campus warehouse, you must formally document "receiving" the shipment. Find the packing list included with the shipment and ensure you have received everything listed. If everything is received, indicate "received" on the packing list, sign and date it, then send it directly to the campus warehouse through interoffice mail.

Receiving at end of fiscal year: At fiscal year end it is particularly important to confirm receipt of goods in a timely manner. If goods are delivered on or before June 30th, they are recorded as expenses for that fiscal year. If good are delivered after June 30th, they are recorded as expenses in that following fiscal year.

Staples Ordering Account

To log in to your account:

Visit the Staples Advantage Website and click the Log In link in the top right hand corner. On the login page, use account 70110298 along with your username/password. Please note: campus staff cannot assist with recovering and/or changing your password, you must contact Staples directly.

To submit an order:

  • Add the item(s) to your Shopping Cart.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • On the Checkout screen, ensure that your shipping information is correct. It should display the original information provided when requesting your account.
  • In the box under "Account Number" enter your budget account code string, including dashes (fund-org-acct-program).
  • The box below Account Number is optional. It can be used by you to differentiate between multiple orders or as a reminder of who the order should go to within your department.
  • Click Submit Order

Once your order has been submitted, you should receive an email confirming your order has been submitted for approval. Soon after, 2nd tier approver should receive an email stating they have an order to approve. Once the 2nd tier has approved the order, it is then sent to the 3rd tier for approval. At that time, the order and available funding are reviewed. If for any reason the order is not approved, the 1st and 2nd tiers will be contacted directly for follow-up.

To return an item:

Contact Staples directly to arrange for pickup. They will credit your account and can reorder damage items on your behalf.

How to order a restricted item:

Prepare a purchase Requisition Form and forward for approval, as described above, including the verbiage "Restricted Staples Item".

To follow up on Staples charges to your account:

Contact CLPCCD Accounts Payable directly. You can find staff contact information based on Vendor name on the CLPCCD link at the bottom of this page.

How to request a Staples account for an employee:

All Staples account requests should be sent by an Administrator and/or Administrative Assistant.

Send your request via email to cwhiteside@chabotcollege.edu and include the routing for order approval, see example below. The VP of Administrative Services will review your request. If approved, your request is processed and you will receive a “Welcome to Staples” email with directions on how to log in to the new account.

Please note: The 2nd tier approver should always be a supervisor or administrator/manager with budget access and approval capability. The 3rd tier approver should always be listed as Chasity Whiteside.

1st tier
Jonathan Archer (buyer)
510-723-6600 room 200

2nd tier
Reginald Barclay (approver)
510-723-6600 room 200

3rd tier
Chasity Whiteside (final approver)
510-723-6994 room 208

CLPCCD Purchasing & Warehouse Services Information

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